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Swaraabhishekam Music Review

Swaraabhishekam Music Review
Shrikanth, Shivaji, Laya, Urvasi
K Vishwanath
Simply superb
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, October 26, 2004 • తెలుగు] Comments

It is very well known that veteran K Vishwanath's movies always carry splendid songs. Be it Shankarabaranam or Sagara Sangamam or Swati Muthayam, he always managed to bring the best out of his musicians. But then, he had used maestros like K V Mahadevan and Ilayaraja.

So one was skeptical about Swaraabhishekam as Vidya Sagar, generally known for mass songs, was in charge of the score. But one need have worried as Vidya Sagar, who has earned his spurs in Malayalam movies, has used that classical music experience and given his best.

And what we have is a real winner.

The 10 songs listed in the cassette (one is a repeat) carry a unique mark and each one of them stays with you long after you have stopped hearing them. Vishwanath deserves praise for getting the best out of his music director. Vidya Sagar also deserves an award for not diluting the classical feel all through the album.

1.Shriman Manohara

This short Suprabhatham piece sets the tone and tenor the entire cassette. This piece runs for just a few seconds, but in that short duration it distils the feel.

2.Kasthuri Thilkam

This is a song of varied facets. The orchestration, to start with, is ordinary and predictable. But it gets into stride pretty quickly, as Shankar Mahadevan begins to show his class and talent. He waltzes through the song in the company of Radhika who has a very sweet voice. Towards the end, the song has a distinct pastoral lilt and Shankar just lifts himself
with a show of brilliant nuances.

3.Okka Shanam
SPB gives his best always. But he comes off distinctively superior in Vishwanath's movies. He has the sweetness in his throat and the essential diction and clarity to do justice to some serious lyrics. In this number, SPB and his sister Sailaja just combine seamlessly. Essentially soft number (shades of rags Dwajavanthi and Sahana), the song becomes a soothing lullaby towards the end. But you feel refreshed all the same.

4.Adhineedhani-Edi Naadhani
Another veteran Chitra steals this song. It is soft and soothing and both Chitra and SPB have a whale of a time. Chitra's voice is husky and honeyed.

5.Nee Chenthe Oka Chanchitha
The orchestration starts predictably with the tune set to Sivaranjani ragam (almost every third song in Telugu is), the number has an average start. But Mano and Chitra slowly up the ante ---the swara pattern at the end is beguiling.

This is a traditional song and the surprise packet is Suneetha. For combining with a veteran like SPB is no mean task. But she holds her own and comes up with a gritty rendition of a nuanced number. The violin interludes are like a cool breeze on sunny and sultry afternoon.

7.Ramaa Vinodhi Vallabha

The majestic grandeur, the stunning swara patterns and the essential tonal modulations of Madhu Balakrishnan and Sriram Parthasarathy make this number arguably the best one in the album. The young talented singers have shown what verve and vivacity can do to a sing. The two singers are single-minded and infuse the song with the right effects. It is almost like listening at Thyagaraja festival.

8.Anujudai Lakshmanadu

It is always a pleasure listening to K J Yesudas. His best days may be behind him now. But he has the variations and the sturdiness to hold his own. Combing with SPB, Yesudas goes to the higher ranges and stays there effortlessly. SPBl, for his part, is efficient and enterprising. The lyrics by Vetturi also add gloss to the song.

On the whole, amidst the cacophony of techno-programmed numbers, Swaraabhishekam's songs are a welcome change. It makes you nostalgic and longs for more. The lyrics too  --Ve