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Sullan Music Review

Sullan Music Review
Saravana's Creations
Dhanush, Sindhu Tholani, Pasupathy, Manivannan,Eshwari Rao
'Sullan' Melodies Rework The 'Gilli' Magic
Friday, June 11, 2004 • Tamil Comments

"Sullan" is Vidyasagar's latest release after the music of his earlier release, "Gilli", set the cash registers ringing.

When the audio of "Sullan" was released, the question on everybody's lips was whether Vidyasagar would be able to replicate the magic that "Gilli" wove with its earthy tunes.
After listening to the first track, "Sandakozhi", sung by Na Muthukumar and Shankar Mahadevan, one gets the feeling that Vidyasagar seems to have consciously attempted to retain the "Gilli" flavor.

"Sandakozhi" may very well be on the way to becoming the next "Appadi podu", a hit track on "Gilli", and played incessantly on radio and TV.
The second track, "Yaroo nee", is pedestrian.
Hip-hop, however, seems to be the flavor of the season as no Tamil album seems to be complete without at least one number of that kind.

That is the latest trend started by A.R. Rahman with "Boys", which seems to have fired the imagination of every other music director in the industry.

Even "Sullan" has a hip-hop track, "Killu killupaana" with half its lyrics in English, and a tune that is more than vaguely reminiscent of a "Boys" track.

In the middle of the song, there's a rapper who attempts to sound almost as nasal as Eminem. On the whole, however, despite the fact that the song seems to follow a trend rather than establish one itself, it is definitely enjoyable.

There are two versions of the song - one featuring Pa Vijay, Karthik, Shalini and Premji and the other featuring Adnan Sami.
Among the other tracks, "Adho varaa" lives up every bit to the songs in "Gilli". "Siragu mulaitha" sounds interestingly different and has a classical element to it.
On the whole, "Sullan", just like "Gilli", is worth buying if your intention is to listen to it while driving or just to have a good time with friends.