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Subash Chandrabose Music Review

Subash Chandrabose Music Review
Venkatesh, Shriya
K Raghavendra Rao
Mani Sharma
Sweet and soft
IndiaGlitz [Friday, March 25, 2005 • తెలుగు] Comments

Mani Sharma is one composer who does not go for all about bang-bang mass songs. He does weave soft melodies with classical touches. So it is a pleasure to hear Subash Chandrabose's songs, where Mani has gone for mellowed numbers, sticking to line and lilt.


1) Abrakadabra

Mani Sharma offers promise right at the beginning with a sweet number. Rajesh and Chitra combine with panache. There is an infectious fun in both the tune and its essential enunciation. Quickly song reaches your lips.

2) Ja Ji Ri

S P Balasubramaniam and Shreya Ghosal are in fine fettle and that is good enough to take this good number to heights. Shreya's voice is honey and ice ---sweet and cool. Do we need to say anything new about SPB?

3) Mee Intlo Amma

The song starts off predictably. The rhythm patterns have a ring of obvious and is felicitous. The rap pattern is also intertwined predictably. But the interludes and the instrumentation have a touch of innovation. The singers Mallikarjun and Ganga are also quite good. Premji's rap bit is peppy.

4) Mokka Jonna

Udit Narayan starts to the accompaniment of dogs and crows. And you know what to expect --- a mass dance song. Udit and Sujatha (a surprising choice for such a song really) belt out a energy-revving number. Though regular in beats, the orchestration catches you by surprise at times.

5) Neredu pallu

Hariharan in a husky voice and Mahalaxmi in a huskier tone. You imagine the scenario. Well, the song is also not difficult to conceive. Though Hari tends to slip into false voice occasionally, his essential lilt sees him through. The tune or the rhythm patterns do not grate or grate your eardrum. And that is a big mercy.

6) Subash Chandrabose

The theme song with larger-life rhythm patterns and heavy orchestration, the song begins in almost a recitation. It is a clarion cry for nationalism. SPB is apt for enunciating such heavily-laden lyrics. The beautiful mix of various instruments is indeed uplifting. Dunno how it is going come off on the screen?

Mani Sharma seems to have a winner on his hand.