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Subash Chandrabose Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, April 23, 2005 • తెలుగు ]
Subash Chandrabose Review
Venkatesh, Shriya
K Raghavendra Rao
Mani Sharma

Making films with patriotism as an underlying thread is pretty much in trend. It is very difficult to speak against patriotism, nah? But point is patriotism in the theme worked in films like Indian (Hindustani) because it had a story to tell otherwise.

Sadly that is not the case in Subash Chandra Bose. It is a pointless potpourri of Subash Ghai's Karz (or Kamal Haasan' Yenakkul Oruvan in Tamil) that is made worse by silly mass accoutrements and tacky handling.

The story is pretty simple. Ashok (Venkatesh) and his gaggle of friends including the loud-mouthed Anitha (Genelia) are part of a TV outfit.

Once while covering a function of a local politician Venkataraman (Prakash Raj), Ashok is mentally disturbed as he sees an overlapping vision.

And if you are still interested, the image is that of Bandodu (Prakash Raj's original name). Ashok apparently is the re-incarnation of Subash Chandra Bose (Venkatesh) who used to live in Chintapalli village.

Bose, obviously an admirer of Netaji, is however a non-violinist. He is up against Tow Britisherss (Tom Alter and Gulshan Grover). He also has a love interest in a local lass (Shriya).

As it happens, Bose and others are killed for standing up with courage against the Britishers. Bose's fall is accentuated by the machinations of Bandodu who plays a double game.

At the time of his death Bose swears that one day a force will come on this earth to destroy him (Bandodu).

And the force is Ashok and he does precisely what he is ordained to --- take out Venkatraman (who is Bandodu).

It is a tepid story that is made worse by poor handling by the director. You can't blame the cast. Even if they were to be in the finest form of their career, the film cannot be saved.

Venkatesh gives an honest performance. But that is not enough. The two heroines look good and dance around. Prakash Raj hams, but Alter and Grover pass muster.

The music of Mani Sharma is one of the redeeming features of the film. Raghavendra Rao, one supposes, has directed out of his worst nightmare. Subash Chandra Bose!

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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