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Style Music Review

Style Music Review
Larsco Entertainments
Prabhu Deva, Lawrence Raghavender, Raja, Charmi, Kamalini Mukharjee,
Lawrence Raghavender
Lagadapati Sirisha Sridhar
Mani Sharma
Heavy beats and little music
IndiaGlitz [Monday, December 26, 2005 • తెలుగు] Comments

Its quite expected that in a movie that stars two best dancers in India, the music is going to be filled with heavy beats and Manisharma delivers a bit too much of them which leaves the listener perplexed. Apart from a couple of songs the rest have nothing much to talk about as none of the stick to your mind.

Style Style 1.5*  Singers: Ravi Varma The song starts off quite unexpectedly with Suprabhata slokam and deviates with the guy singing that has not found 'naatu dance' world over and pleading 'Govinda ippudu start cheyyamantava?' and what follows is a heavy 'naatu' beat based song 'styley styley..'. One can clearly imagine Prabhudeva and Lawrence setting the stage on fire to the beats. Manisharma has a heavy hangover of the sitar piece in " daayi daayi damma" in the interludes of this song; it would be interesting to see what Lawerence has choreographed for himself. The song goes onto list things that are famous of Andhra places and people and the phrase 'Naancharammo naancharammo...' is very catchy. There is nothing much from music perspective in this song except the beats and expectedly so. This can become famous among masses.

Yedhalo evo vyadhaley unna 2*  Singers: Karthik This song starts off with heavy beats which is quite unusual for songs sung by Karthik, however when he actually starts singing it's youthful, energetic and melodious which suits his voice. The song is about guys seeking companionship despite many issues bothering their heart. The interludes are very poorly composed and usage of instruments could be better because a lot of them clashes and does not blend. The song has many twists in its pitch and tune but does not have a natural flow and leaves the listener confused.

Rock, Roll 2.5*  Singers: Kay Kay Another song that starts off with heavy beats, but that which is more inline with the tune. Kay kay sings the song with high energy and keeps up the tempo. It takes at least a couple of hearings to follow, but this song is better than the previous ones and has more scope for coming up with good choreography. The song is heavy duty rock n roll number and true to the lyrics, this song may make the audience 'clap and tap', but that's dependent on what Prabhudeva has up his sleeves.

Thadava Thadava 2*  Singers: Karthik, Mahalakshmi Iyer This song provides some respite from heavy duty dance beats encountered before, but is not successful in bringing out the intended melody/duet feel. Karthik has sung well but Mahalakshmi's voice does not blend. There is no catchy phrase or trail in the song and it does not stick to your mind even after repeated hearing. Usage of instruments is very average and the song lacks freshness.

Chiru Cheyyesthe 1*  Singers: Mano Even ardent Chiru fans would not appreciate this song the moment the song unfolds. The lyrics are very amusing and the music is poor which lacks imagination. One will just be unable to categorize this song and what feel the music director intended to evoke. You can give this a pass.

Merupisagara 3.5*  Singers: Karthik Finally some music to ones ears. This is an inspirational song which starts off with impressive violins and there is heavy usage of violins throughout the song. Karthik is at his best and is superb at places where the song scales up in pitch. The lyrics are very impressive and inspires the protagonist to move ahead like lightning and work towards his goal. The song also throws some light on the theme of the movie and the guess is that it's about keeping the word given to his mother and winning in some dance competition. Good usage of instruments in the interludes, good lyrics and good rendition makes this a thoroughly enjoyable piece.

Power of style (Instrumental) 1.5*  This is repeat of the first song.

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