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Stalin Music Review

Stalin Music Review
Anjana Productions
Chiranjeevi, Trisha
Mani Sharma
Full of life
IndiaGlitz [Thursday, August 24, 2006 • తెలుగు] Comments

With music by Mani Sharma, the album features 6 tracks. Audio is being releaed by Aditya Music. All the songs look to hit the top of the audio charts straightaway. Mani Sharma's robust and rollicking music also came for special mention.

1. Go Go Gova Singers: Ranjith, Mahalakshmi Lyric Writer: Sriram

Mani Sharma knows the pulse of the Telugu audiences in general and that of youth and Chiranjeevi fans in particular. When it comes to Chiranjeevi's film, a lyric needs a tune that has a beat to tap the feet. In this particular song, Mani Sharma freely used guitar to reproduce an old classical instrument (bulbul) sound and the drums. Really the one listening to the song would invariably tap his feet while listening to the song. Anant Sriram penned the song with a right mix of Telugu, English and Hindi words and it was rendered by Ranjith and Mahalakshmi to suit the tastes of all.

2. Siggutho Chi Chi Singers: Hariharan, Sadana Sargam Lyric Writer: Peddada Murthy

The song starts with a typical guitar beat. It seems to be a duet between the hero and heroine with a melodious touch. The rhythms between each stanza were filled with guitar, keyboard and flute that give a gap to show the physical movements of artistes, as Chiranjeevi's fans eagerly look for the dance movements of their favourite Mega Star. Use of violin and guitar while tuning the song had elevated the melody touch in the song. Hariharan and Sadana Sargam rendered this song while, this was penned by Peddada Murthy.

3. I Wanna Spider Man Singers: Naveen, Rita Lyric Writer: Kandikonda

Rendered by Rita and Naveen, the song has a husky voice with a fast beat music and it looks like an item number. Kandikonda had used words of other languages more than Telugu. However, the song had a lot of scope to make the audiences, especially the fans of Mega Star to go gaga and dance to the beat. Especially, the mass 'audio' beats (English words) had elevated the song. At the same time, the lyric has also good literary value in it.

4. Thobare Thoba Singers: S.P.Bala Subramanyam , Sunitha Lyric Writer: Anantha Sriram

SP Balasubrahmanyam once again proved that none could beat him while rendering this song along with Sunitha. It is a right mix of urban and folk beats. Mani Sharma had produced fantastic tunes through keyboard. The occasional use of guitar, veena and shehnai enhanced the song's value and the drum beat again made the audience to shake their legs as they get mesmerized with the tune. However, the lyric has routine commercial tune when it comes to verse. But, while presenting the song on the screen, it might have a right effect, in the backdrop of some junior artistes. Sunitha is another right choice in rendering song.

5. Suryude Selavni Singers: S.P.Balasubrahmanyam Lyric Writer: Suddala Ashok Teja

Suddala Ashok Teja, who bagged a national award for penning a song for 'Tagore' film of Chiranjeevi, had got yet another opportunity to provide a song for 'Stalin' also. He utilized the opportunity well and gave a song that makes the people to relisten it again and again because of its high literary values. The song runs in a serious mood. Balasubrahmanyam did complete justice to the song, while the drumbeat in the background score provided a right tempo to choreograph the song. Especially use of apt words in the lyric enhanced the value of the hero. The 'Mrityunjaya Mantram' elevates the mood while listening to the song.

6. Parare Parare Singers: Shankar Mahadevan Lyric Writer: Anantha Sriram

Like 'Kodithe Kottaliraa.. .' in Tagore, this song in 'Stalin' again rendered Shankar Mahadevan had a huge mass beat