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Sri Anjaneyam Music Review

Sri Anjaneyam Music Review
Nithin, Charmi
Divine in more ways than one
IndiaGlitz [Saturday, May 22, 2004 • తెలుగు] Comments

When a hit combo teams up again, the expectations are bound to be high. And so it is with Sri Anjaneyam as Krishna Vamsi, the hotshot director with an ear for zippy and melodious songs, and Mani Sharma, the man with rhythm in his blood, join forces again.

The duo has done it in the past with such memorable hits like Khadgam and Murari. Adding a third dimension to them is Sri Vennela's febrile imagination and a fertile pen.
So how are Sri Anjaneyam's songs? They are good. But somehow they fall short of being called magical. Yet, there is an energizing verve and a rare gusto to the songs. Though the orchestration leaves a bit to be desired in some songs, on the whole, Krishna Vamsi and Mani Sharma can be happy that their essential magic still seems to be in tact. The special attraction in the pack is the Hanuman slokam by Chitra and Kalpana --- it is soothing, devotional and magical.

A: Ooregi Raavayya
This is a song that is straight up Shankar Mahadevan's alley. He is at his full-throated best as he belts out this rhythm-based Hanuman song with rare energy and bounce. His ease at higher octaves is amazing --- he is almost the singer of our times.

B: Raama Raama Raghuraama
This song is just the apt counterfoil to the robust Ooregi Raavayya. Raama Raama Raghuraama is almost a throwback to a different era when songs were simple and soulful. There is a comforting lilt to Mallikharjun's involved singing. His steadfastness to basic techniques is admirable. He does not resort to some fancy, stylized recitation. He always gives his
best for Mani Sharma. After listening to this song, you understand that.

C: Avvayi Tuvvayi
Anything that follows the soothing Raama Raama Raghuraama has a tough job. In that sense Avvayi, Tuvvayi has trouble in getting etched in your mind.But, then again, when you have two wonderfully talented youngsters, Tippu Shreya Ghosal, singing it, there is bound to be something in it. Both provide the song the extra bounce, though Shreya is more suited
for soft numbers. 

D: Poola Ghuma Ghuma
This is Shreya at her dulcet best. She is measured and magical. Her voice amply illustrates the essential spirit of the song (seduction). Her range is amazing and Sri Vennela could not have hoped for a better singer to melodiously articulate his inspired lines.

E: Tikamaka Makatika
They say old is gold and when you hear SPB you get a new insight into that. The veteran is never below par, and in this song, he is almost at his best. He has a rare youthful vibrancy in his throat and it never ceases to amaze listener. Listening to this song, you wonder whether it is a 60 plus man or a youngster out of teens singing it.

A small piece by SPB (Yogamanukonu) is also worth a hear.

All things told, Sri Anjaneyam is worth the wait.