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Sri Anjaneyam Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, July 26, 2004 • తెలుగు ]
Sri Anjaneyam Review
Nithin, Charmi

In these skeptical and cynical times, a film in devotional genre is the most difficult to make. Actually it is a tight- rope walk. Care has to be taken that the film does not fall into the trap of puerile fantasy. At the same time, the director also has to highlight the power of divinity and try to tell an acceptable story.

Serious directors seldom attempt such movies in this genre. But Krishna Vamsi, through Sri Anjaneyam, has broken the tradition and boldly attempted a movie that speaks the valor and virtues of the monkey God Hanuman.

Considering the complexity of the task, Krishna Vamsi seems to have done a decent job weaving a plausible tale with attractive godly motifs. But you also cannot escape the feeling that he could have done better.

The story is simple and straightforward. It revolves around Anji (Nitin) who is orphaned after his father (Prakash Raj) and mother (Ramya Krishnan) are killed for trying to help the perennially dry village of Ramapuram by building a dam. They are thwarted by vested interests led by a local politico Brahmam (Pilla Prasad, a debutant).

Anji is left at the mercy of the local temple priest (Chandra Mohan) and other Good Samaritans. Anji has implicit faith in Lord Hanuman and it is Him who becomes his guardian angel.

The politico, who has an eye on the temple as it sits on a huge and rich granite belt, wants to demolish it and gain control of the underlying wealth. Anji is understandably pained at this. But he cannot take on the enemies single-handedly.

So who helps him? Lord Hanuman himself in the form of a human (Arjun). He performs several miracles and finally the villains are outwitted and the dream of Anji's father is fulfilled as a dam is indeed built in the village. Anji, in the interregnum, also finds time to fall in love with a local belle (Charmy).

As a story, the film has nothing new to offer. But in terms of presentation, Sri Anjaneyam scores. Arjun, as the human manifestation of Hanuman, is first rate with his effervescent acting. Be it the quirky mannerisms or in sturdy fights, Arjun is in fine fettle. Nitin, as the innocent Anji, has the typical boy-lost-in-the-jungle looks. He comes up a winner giving the character the much-needed fragile simplicity.

Charmy has an author-backed role. She has grabbed the chance with double hands. Charmy lives up to her name in the role. The new villain Pilla Prasad seems to be a good material and emotes well though his character is slightly one-dimensional. Prakash Raj and Ramya Krishnan are adequate in the small roles they have.

The standout of the film is of course Mani Sharma's music. Vamsi has again got the best out of his trusted lieutenant. The songs suit the mood and are eminently hummable. The slokams are soothing.

The photography by Ram Reddy is pleasing on the eyes. The other attraction has been the mind-boggling graphics work. Though at times, it looks forced and the novelty wears off quickly, the technical correction and the digital work is certainly of high quality.

Vamsi's main problem, as a director, is that he has tried to cram too many things in too small a canvas. The result is he is successful only in a few things.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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