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Sonali Cable Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, October 17, 2014 • Hindi ]
Sonali Cable Review
SCIL-Super Cassettes Industries Limited, Ramesh Sippy Entertainment and NextGen Entertainment
Rhea Chakraborty, Ali Fazal, Swanand Kirkire, Raghav Juyal, Smita Jayakar and Anupam Kher
Charudutt Acharya

Movie Analysis

RSE (Ramesh Sippy Entertainment) latest is a self entangled knot that perhaps was designed to aim for a cable heist of underdog triumph, the cliché politician business men nexus coined on the idea of corporate monopolization of the markets in this globalization.

First timer helmer and fourth time writer Charudutt Acharya plugs this Sonali Cable on improper casting and limited approach towards the idea in his detailed scripting and execution. Surprisingly the script got selected for the Mumbai Mantra-Sundance Institute Screenwriters Lab 2012 (may be for its basic idea).

But in ‘reality’ the transformation of the idea behind ‘Sonali Cable’ as a film is fuzzy and hopelessly disconnected resulting in an unsatisfying experience for two hours and seven minutes.

Charudutt rightly sets this saga in a Mumbai chawl with adequate support from Saini S. Johray art direction and production values as demanded to tell the story of Sonali (Rhea  - misfit in an unbalanced role though she tries hard but fails to convince in totality), is a bindass Mumbai mulgi who co -owns a cable providing unit having a base of 3,000 plus customers.

Entry of giant players in the broadband sector - Shinning group owned by Waghela (Anupam Kher in a more funny and less menacing but completely entertaining portrayal ) becomes a threat and a kick in the stomachs of Sonali Cable and its people.

Sonali fights back with the giant greedy corporate Shining group owned by Waghela with the help of her staff that consists of Sonali’s favourite Sada ( Juyal- the Dance India Dance dancer impresses with his bollywood debut by dancing and acting to the gallery - well done), a Bangladeshi ex hacker and the wireman who gets the customers connections get connected.

But that’s not all, Charudutt n his attempt to ‘connect’ with all in ‘Sonali Cable’ adds political currents like the back story of Sonali’s missing mother and her father (played by writer Swanand Kirke who does a good job) a retired hooligan of the states party selling vadapav for living. Plus Sonali’s love interest Raghu (Ali Fazal - earnestly repetitive) son of the local politician Tai (Smita Jaykar- very competent) becomes Sonali’s man Friday in her struggle while the corporate play dirty in their nexus with the politician. Sonali and Raghu get time for some romance posing for dull uninspired songs composed by Amjad Nadeem, Daniel B. George, Mikey McCleary and Raghav Sachar. Its Mumbai so its dearest friend Lord Ganesha is there but alas even God is a mere spectator here as he watches the audience connection with the film mostly going off line.

Charudutt fails to make the audience feel for Sonali and that’s is the movie’s biggest drawback - Rhea is alright during light romantic moments but when it comes to pack a punch she fumbles disappointingly. Sonali cable is on uneven grounds on one hand it makes a serious deep in depth comment when Sonali’s father the retired hooligan threatens a north Indian vegetable vendor who shots back by cheap stuffs from china sold in malls at low rates but no voice getting raised.

The moments to keep the audience are less and far between. The enthusiasm to see the underdog win is minimum thanks to the tacky handling of the script by the maker who resorts to cliché approaches.

Technicalities and production values are up to mark.

Business Analysis

Lacking in face value and content, RSE ‘Sonali Cable’ made at an estimated budget of 15 crores will find it tough to get the required number of connection (read collection) at the box office even after being a solo B-town release the going will be very tough.

Rating *and 1/2

For the basic idea and one political comment in the film made by the vegetable vendor.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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