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Solli Adippen Music Review

Solli Adippen Music Review
Indian Theater Productions
Vivek, Chaya Singh,Ashish Vidyarthy, Delhi Ganesh, Chinny Jayanth and Tejashree
SAC Ramki
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Saturday, December 16, 2006 • Tamil Comments

Deva has struck to the basics in composing the songs for Vivek starrer Solli Adippen. He has not experimented too much. Has come out with a couple of peppy songs, two folk numbers and the rest are soft melodies.

The music album, which has six songs, begins with a number sung by Vivek himself. Kalaikumar has recreated the slums of Chennai in the song using the local language well.

S P Balasubramaniam, Anuradha Sreeram, Karthik, Srikanth Deva, Mathangi, among others, have sung in the album.

Besides Pa Vijay and Snehan, director Ramki Ramakrishnan himself has penned the lyrics for a coupe of songs. The songs are catchy and are hummable.

Chikunukirayae (Vivek)

Vivek is all energy and enthusiasm. Vivek, who is known to have a sharp musical mind, has shown good understanding of the basics. The lyrics has Madras baashai and is in the form of a rap. Vivek is at his comfort zone singing the number. Vivek, with much more regular practice, can easily sing your regular numbers as his basic grounding (of laya and sruthi) is good.

Deva has used less instruments to let Vivek take the centre stage.

Solli Solli (Sreeram)

Based on a classical raga, the song has Sreeram's voice flowing smoothly. What strikes the most is the sweet beginning. Deva has managed to sustain the right pace all through the song. An interlude in the middle reminds one of Ilayaraja's kind of melodies.

Hippu Sizea (Anuradha Sreeram, Malathy)

Both Anuradha and Malathy are known for high-voltage and high-energy songs. When they combine, the result is explosive and entertaining. They are like Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Sehwag battling in the final overs of an ODI cricket match. Their amazing energy levels combined with the use of heavy instruments give a peppy effect.

Mamanu Sollu (S P Balasubramanyam)

A foot-tapping number. One is left wondering at the youthfulness with which veteran SPB sings the song. Age has not caught up with his voice. The good use of violins and beats by Deva gives sheen to the number.

Muthamum Satham (Karthik, Mathangi)

A soft melody. Unlike his routine numbers, Deva has opted for lesser instruments. He has allowed the lyric to dominate the music. A romantic song, it has catchy lyrics. Deva has tried to fuse the east and west for the song.

Sithada Kattikittu (Srikanth Deva, Sujatha, Sri Lekha Parthasarathy, Srividhya)

A host of singers including Deva's son Srikanth Deva have come together for the song. A mix of local gaana and the western hip-hop, it is sure to rock. An energetic tune and loud music accompanying it, it may even end up becoming the anthem among the front-benchers.