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Soggadu Music Review

Soggadu Music Review
Tarun, Arti Agarwal
Ravi Babu
Suresh productions
Mix and match
Wednesday, March 16, 2005 • Telugu Comments

Tarun's films, despite them not doing so well in recent times, have  good songs. So it is with lot of expectations that one approaches Soggadu. Chakri too seems to be in good form this season.

Soggadu, for a love film, has some loud music. But that is what the younger generation likes and who are we to quibble. Soggadu's numbers have their moments (a couple of them are really good), unfortunately they are far and few between. Perhaps, one may change one's opinion after a few hearings.

1) Current Shock

The lyrics is banal. So is the tune. Too loud to start a film's album which is purportedly about romance and soft love. The mass song has some ordinary singing. Chakri has taken on the mantle of singing. Ravi Varma accompanies him. Though the rendition has nothing much to complain about, the tune is very much on the expected track.

2 Sneham

The rhythm is almost Rehman-like. The background humming too is. But the beat is cute and makes you snap your fingers. Chakri the music director scores over Chakri the singer in this small bit.

3) Madhu Masam

Tarun has gone on record saying that this is his favorite song in the album. And it is not difficult to see why. The lyrics are predictable, but the tune and instrumentation have a lot of flavor. Chakri has done well here.

4) Yehhada Undhoganee

Another love song. It has a catchy ring to it. The KKs --- Karthik and Kousalya --- stick to the basics and keep the song going through some professional singing.

5) Kaliki Chilaka

Karthik is perhaps the singer of the season. He has the right timbre for soft notes. He is exceptional in coming up with pathos and romance. Listen to this you will believe. He is a confident singer, yet he sings within himself. He avoids playing to the gallery.

6) Yepatikappudu

Another true-to-type Chakri number with lots of guitars and big orchestration. There are some interesting interludes. Chakri also does the singing. Sudha, his accompanist, has very little do.

7) Premicha Ninne

Kausalya starts off huskily and quickly gets into groove. Venu is also sturdy and is soft and secure. A typical high-pitched romantic number, good to hear as you get used to it.

8) Kokkorokko

The starting words of the song set the tune and tone. The music director has to duly follow suit. And he does. In this rhythm-filled song, Tippu and Kavitha Krishnamurthy give their best energy.

Chakri has cooked up a kitschy medley, trying to satisfy every section of the audience. That is the album's strength, and its weakness, too.