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Sketch Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, February 27, 2007 • Malayalam ]
Sketch Review
Jagathy, Sindhu Menon, Vijayaraghavan, Rajan P Dev
Prasad Yadav
Dinesh Harsha
Vayalar Sharath

Sketch, which promised to provide something new to the regular proceedings of Malluwood with a new director, cinematographer and scriptwriter, has not lived up to the expectations.

You get to see a character straight out of Ramgopal Varma's Sathya or 'D', and this continues till the interval, taking the film on another tangent altogether. The script by writer Kannan Raaman and has only helped in making a hotchpotch of many action-drama films, clumsily put together. The film, in fact, depicts the brutal killings of around 20 characters in a span of two hours!

The characterization of the hero Saiju Kurup is almost reduced to a caricature of what an action hero is supposed to be.

The film's plot revolves around Shiva alias Shiva Hari Iyer, son of leading advocate Parthasarathy Iyer who is a hardened criminal turning over a new leaf. The film opens with how he comes over to the city of Kochi from a silent Agraharam and how he encounters Suleiman to rescue his father's friend, Koya.

Shiva who already has faced his father's untimely murder, is sent to jail for killing Suleiman. And, as in Sathya, he meets Basheer in jail and after initial abrasions, they become great friends. Basheer helps Shiva to come out of the jail and to become the henchman of Alexandar Nambadan, the politician and local don of the city. He is in constant fight with Chandrasekhara Shetty. Shiva, who actually fears weapons, is forced to become the part of the game. And everything else is predictable, as the film follows Sathya in more ways than one, but with a weak narration. Prasad Yadav has nothing different to offer.

This could have been a better film, even with the plagiarized plot. Sadly though, performance wise, Saiju has very little scope to prove his talent. A talented actor like Sindhu Menon also fails to make an impression. The silver line in the film is the re-recording by Rajamani and occasional visually appealing frames by the cinematograper Deepak.

On the whole, the film disappoints simply because it has not been sketched well.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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