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Skanda Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, September 28, 2023 • Telugu ]
Skanda Review
Srinivasaa Silver Screen
Ram Pothineni, Sreeleela, Saiee Manjrekar, Srikanth, Gouthami
Boyapati Sreenu
Srinivasaa Chitturi
Thaman S

Skanda Movie Review

Skanda has been promoted a lot in the last few days as Ram and Boyapati Sreenu have joined hands for the first time. The film was released today and read our review here.


Two young women, daughters of the Chief Ministers of Telangana and Andhra, are abducted by an enigmatic individual named Raju(Ram Pothineni). Raju is driven by a mysterious mission connected to Rudraganti Ramakrishna Raju, portrayed by Srikanth. Who is this Raju, and what motivates his actions? What is his link to Ramakrishna Raju? This is the basic crux of Skanda.

Skanda Movie Review


Skanda caters primarily to mass audiences and those in B and C centers. One of the major drawbacks of the film is its conventional storyline. Despite a promising start, the emotions in the film often come across as contrived, particularly in the latter half. The excessive violence in the film can become monotonous but the masses who love the dance and fight routine will enjoy the film.

Ram has undergone an impressive physical transformation and wholeheartedly embraces Boyapati Sreenu's storytelling. He exudes a commanding presence, flaunts his physique, engages in intense fights, dances with vigor, and delivers powerful dialogues. Sreeleela's charisma is captivating, and her dancing is nothing short of enchanting. Srikanth delivers a commendable performance in his role.

Skanda Movie Review

Thaman's musical compositions are passable. Despite Thaman's reputation for exceptional background music, gives a passable score. The background music greatly enhances the impact of many scenes. The film boasts remarkable action sequences that showcase Ram in an unprecedented light. The editing in the second half leaves much to be desired. After the intermission, the narrative adheres to a flashback which is narrated in a decent manner.

The romantic subplot is engaging, and Boyapati's initial storytelling approach is commendable in many scenes. Though the plot becomes routine, the emotions and action part keep you hooked to the screen. There are a few logics that go for a toss but Boyapati Sreenu's films are known for their action and aggressive emotions which Skanda has in plenty.

Skanda Movie Review


Overall, Skanda is a film that has been made for its target audience, which is the masses. Ram Pothineni in a beast avatar is amazing. He shoulders the film with his solid screen presence, dances, and fights and makes the film a decent watch.

Rating: 3 / 5.0

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