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Sivi Music Review

Sivi Music Review
Yogi, Jayashree Rao, Anuja, Nizhalgal Ravi, Uma Padhmanaban, City Babu
K R Senthil Nathan
K Sundar
Dharan rocks
Wednesday, August 8, 2007 • Tamil Comments

It is the season of young music-composers to dominate Kollywood. Joining the league is Dharan, the up and coming young music-director.

Sivi is a stylish album comprising half-a-dozen numbers which are right mix of peppy, hip-hop and earthy musical score. For X gen music-buffs, Dharan has come up with a racy rap in the company of Dr Burn.

The talented Dharan has teamed up with a bunch of young playback singers like Benny, Sunitha Sarathy, Haricharan, Subiksha, and Krish among others.

With his vast knowledge in western music, he has successfully recreated a magic in the album. No doubt, the young Dharan is sure going to go places with the album.

O Nenje (Remix) (Benny, Shwetha, Dr Burn, Dharan) Lyricist: Rajkumar

A hip-hop number. Hats off to Dharan for a stylish westernized number. Begins in the form of a pop it goes on to catch a melodious tune. The shrewd use of guitar coupled with peppy beats strikes wonders. Besides composing the tune Dharan has rendered his voice. Shwetha chips in with a husky voice. A rap in the interlude on love and romance is catchy.

Watch out for the voice of Dr Burn. It sounds rocking and rocking.

Mayavi Neeya (Haricharan, Krish, Shruthi) Lyricist: Na. Muthukumar

A romantic melody with Dharan's guitar creating soothing sounds. He has taken of from where he left in Parijatham. Daring to experiment with new sounds, Dharan has come up with a gentle melody. Shruthi catchy rendering of the Pallavi coupled with a smooth chorus is a treat to listen to.

Sivi Theme (Subhiksha)

A theme music has to be catchy and appealing. Knowing it well, Dharan has rendered a heartrending theme song for Sivi.

Dharan has no opted for too many instruments. It is set in the form of Oprah song rendered by Subhiskha in an open-throated voice. Begins on a very slow note, the theme song gathers momentum as it progresses.

0 Nenje (Benny, Shwetha, Dr Burn, Dharan) Lyricist: Rajkumar

If the earlier version of the song was remixed with western beats, this number is a mild version with no strong beats or instruments accompanying it. Though the tune has been retained, the song proceeds on a smooth note unlike the remix version. The lyrics by Rajkumar sticks to heart at the first instance itself. Dharan has ensured that the music does not dominate the lyric at any stage in the stage. Traces of his mentor Harris Jayaraj are visible in the song.

Neruppum (Ranjith, Sunitha Sarathy, Benny) Lyricist: Rajkumar

A foot-tapping number that is inspired by Arabian folk songs. Am energetic number which has Arabian words to begin with takes a turn with vivacious voice of Sunitha Sarathy. The orchestration by young Dharan with a Ranjith's brisk voice accompanying it makes it click. Again Rajkumar gets the credit for his catchy lyrics on the travails of lovers.

Rap Theme (Dr Burn) Lyricist: Dr Burn

Dr Burn is known for his racy rap numbers. Dharan has won a name for himself coming with good quality music in Parijatham. When the two come together, no doubt the end product would be catchy. The rap theme is exactly the same producing a quality sound. Sure to become an anthem among the youngsters today, the rap on love and friendship by Dr Burn himself is sure to top the audio charts. It has class written all over it.

An album that is worth listening to.

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