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Simmba Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, December 28, 2018 • Hindi ]
Simmba Review
Ranveer Singh, Sara Ali Khan, Sonu Sood
Rohit Shetty

Simmba movie is derived from various plots and movies, its like a masala cocktail. Takes cue from Singham and is also a loose remake of Temper which had Jr. NTR in the lead; yes, its being remade in Tamil as Ayogya with Vishal. So you can ask what else is new in Simmba? Well, mostly nothing in this straightforward popcorn flick except that the film oozes with newlywed Ranveer Singh’s overdose of energy. Ranveer’s energy is the key in Simmba; the actor calls himself as an entertainer and its for no reason indeed.

We have seen the story several times in different formats; a useless guy in the society who does nothing good to his friends, family and the society suddenly transforms into a demi god larger than life savior with a sudden change of heart. One situation takes him through a life altering journey for self and he becomes the villain for villains. Same story, nothing changed here except cast, presentation and other decorations. Still movies like Simmba are largely liked because of the hero or its screenplay, and Rohit Shetty is like Kollywood’s Hari, known for popcorn content. A complete blockbuster material – Simmba is the tale of a corrupt jolly go cop who smells for an window of opportunity every time to cash in on some extra money. Its just like watching a Ajith or Vijay movie, nothing in their film matters apart from the hero; it’s the same here.              

Simmba aka Bhalerao is a cop who got transferred from Singham’s hometown to Miramur and he does it so happily as the new place gives him the extra kick of corruption. No sooner than he is in the town he gets acquainted with the local rowdy – Sonu Sood, its almost like seeing Dabaang all over. All is well with Ranveer’s colorful songs, banter and occasional love until the events take a big U turn. Simmba’s sister gets raped and the angry cop arises out of nowhere. How he avenges the events in his own style forms the rest of the plot.

For Bollywood this movie should be refreshing as they continue to witness failures with experimentations; Zero and Thugs of Hindosthan from big heroes did not do good to fans. The good thing about the movie is that you know what to expect; Rohit Shetty is known for his masala content that is largely inspired by South Indian movies; so nobody asked that guy who finds fault to watch and criticize. Ranveer is perfect as Rohit’s hero, his looks and banter are so enjoyable. Rest of the cast just tag along with this masala hero as a mere formality, but its fine and no complains there as we want him more and more. Rohit Shetty springs plenty of surprises throughout the movie

Overall, Simmba is a perfect finish for Bollywood and movie goers. The film offers the most important aspect that cinema evolved for – ENTERTAINMENT, that too unlimited. Leave your logic and brains outside, might have a good time.

Rating: 3 / 5.0

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