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Siddharth Roy Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, February 23, 2024 • Kannada ]
Siddharth Roy Review
Shree Rahda Damodar Studios, Vihaan And Vihin Creations
Deepak Saroj, Tanvi Negi, Anand, Kalyani Natarajan, Matthew Varghese, Nandini
V. Yeshasvi
Jaya Adapaka

Siddharth Roy Movie Review

Siddhartha Roy tells the story of a youngster guided by logic and reason, but his life takes unexpected turns as time passes. He experiences heartache and inner turmoil when overwhelmed by a storm of emotions.


Siddhartha Roy (Deepak Saroj), son of Pradeep Roy (Anand Bharati) and mother (Kalyani Natarajan), since childhood, sees logically without any emotions and becomes a child prodigy. But his life takes a drastic turn with time, when he comes into contact with a beautiful girl Indu (Tanvi Negi). Where this leads to and how Radha (Nandini Reddy), Prithvi (Matthew Verghese) are connected form the rest of the proceedings.

Siddharth Roy Movie Review


Deepak Saroj's portrayal of Siddhartha Roy showcased intense expressions and emotions, particularly in conveying the character's deep love. He delivered powerful dialogues in the latter part of the film, though in the initial stages, his character's logical mindset limited his expressions. However, his performance seemed reminiscent of Sandeep Vanga's protagonists, lacking variation.

Director Yashaswi, who also wrote the story, expressed confidence in the film's box office success. However, the film appeared heavily inspired by the cult classic "Arjun Reddy," portraying all characters in a similar manner. While the protagonist resembled Arjun Reddy, the intensity fell short.

Promoted as a portrayal of the reverse effect of Gautam Buddha in the protagonist, the film aimed to depict the protagonist's transition from a logical, emotionless mindset to an emotional one. However, the first half primarily featured the protagonist with a singular expression, failing to engage viewers.

Siddharth Roy Movie Review

The story lacked progression, with repetitive scenes testing the audience's patience. The second half devolved into illogical sequences, abandoning logic along with the director. The screenplay and direction became senseless, disconnecting viewers from the emotional aspects of the story.

Tanvi Negi performed well as Indu, exuding glamour and ease in bold scenes. The chemistry between Deepak and Tanvi was adequate. Nandini Reddy was decent in her role as Deepak's relative, while Anand Bharathi and Kalyani Natarajan excelled as Deepak's parents. Mathew Verghese's portrayal of a cop and psychologist was satisfactory, while the rest of the cast performed adequately.

Siddharth Roy Movie Review

Shyam K Naidu's cinematography effectively captured the scenic locations of Vizag and other places. Radhan's music, though decent, featured a couple of soulful songs. His background score was impactful. Prawin Pudi's editing could have been tighter, as many scenes dragged, slowing the film's pace. Overall, the production values were acceptable.


Siddhartha Roy, starring Deepak Saroj and directed by Yashaswi, fell short in both logic and emotion, which ultimately proved to be its downfall.

Rating: 2 / 5.0


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