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Shocking! 200 Crore Wedding, 4000 kgs Garbage

Tuesday, June 25, 2019 • Tamil Comments

The weddings of Suryakant, son of Ajay Gupta and Atul Gupta’s son Shashank in Uttarakhand cost Rs. 200 crore. More than this amount, however, the celebrations of the millionaire businessmen have cost the environment, as 4000 kgs of garbage have been left behind. The Municipal Corporation is having a tough time clearing the immense amount of rubbish. Earlier a Public Interest Litigation was filed and claimed that the preparations for the festivities were harming the environment. 

The lavish affair was attended by celebrities such as Katrina Kaif and even chief ministers. It is reported that the supervisor of Nagar Palika Parishad of Joshimath, Anil Kumar, was assigned the duties of cleaning the area after the wedding. Along with 20 people, he had to manage the huge amount of waste including petals, plastics, and food. The Parishad Chairman shared: “Usually, dry and wet waste collected daily from all of Joshimath amounts to 20 quintals. Since the weddings, it’s crossed 40 quintals daily. Most of it is from the wedding venue. Usually, only four workers are needed across Auli as it’s not very populated and doesn’t get so many tourists.” 

A team member was quoted as saying: “The wedding has created a waste problem in the hill station. The garbage has surpassed 40 quintals (4000 kgs).” A local in the area reported: “Plastic packets and bottles are lying everywhere. Our cows go for grazing in the area daily. What if they consume plastic? Who would take the responsibility? The situation here is really pathetic.” 

The latest information suggests that the family has paid Rs. 54000 to the Municipal Corporation. They also agreed to contribute to the entire cost of cleaning. Shailendra Panwar, Municipality President reported: "The Gupta family had deposited Rs 54,000 as user charge. Over 150 quintal waste has been cleaned up till now. After the cleaning work is complete the total bill of all the expenses, including manual labour and vehicles, will be sent to them. The family has agreed to pay the entire bill and also provide a vehicle to the Municipality."

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