Shivathmika looks classy in saree looks!

We love seeing Telugu-speaking actresses in traditional wear, especially a gorgeous saree. Shivathmika Rajashekar is one actress who nails it in the saree look time and again. Here we bring you her latest set of appealing saree pics:

Traditional looks

The actress Shivathmika made a debut with 'Dorasaani' in 2019. Right from her first outing, she has carved an image for acing traditional looks.


A starlet who believes in doing performance-oriented parts, Shivathmika has been quite choosy.

Recent Release

Her most recent release is 'Aakasam' in Telugu ('Nitham Oru Vaanam' in Tamil). She is seen as a sportswoman in the feel-good drama.

As Meenakshi

As Meenakshi in 'Aakasam', she was endearing. She held the character in her heart for an entire year.

In Panchatantram

As Lekha, a girl-next-door character, Shivathmika is expected to win acclaim in 'Panchatantram', which hits the screens on December 9.

With Krishna Vamsi & Prakash Raj

'Ranga Maarthaanda' with director Krishna Vamsi and the Prakash Raj-Ramya Krishna duo is her next big release in Telugu.

Posing with grace

She can slip into any look. Recently, Shivathmika was on the money in a neon-colored thigh-high slit outfit, posing with grace.

She looked confident

In a black saree look recently, she looked confident, oozing grace and charm.

Associated with her father's films

On the production front, the beauty has been associated with her father's films like 'Kalki'.


The actress wants to show versatility and depth in her characters in the coming years.