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Shikhar Preview

Shikhar Peview
Ajay Devgan, Shahid Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Amrita Rao
John Mathew Matthan
Mani Shankar and P. Sameer


Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

There are a few film makers who believe in projecting a topical issue live on big screen in a commercially viable manner. John Mathew Matthan is one of them who came up with a dynamic Sarfarosh and called the enemy by name when entire industry was using the term 'padosi desh' [neighboring country] as a proxy. The movie went on to be a big success both commercially and critically but the director vanished from the scene. Years after Sarfarosh, John comes up with 'Shikhar' that carries yet another topical theme about builders and their quest for power to rule the world. Knowing John's record with detailing out the minutest piece of information, one is sure that 'Shikhar' too would turn out to be different from ordinary.

When there is land, there is an eye that wants to grab it all cost. Reason being to build a city over the land.

So what if the destruction of this green land could prove to be hazardous to environment and hence the mankind? So what if the land is already the home of someone who is poor and can't raise his voice? So what if this greed finally pits man against nature?

Gaurav Gupta [Ajay Devgan], commonly known as GG, is the man who has his eyes set on the world he wants to build. A rich man, his greed has no end and despite his multi-millionaire status wants to earn more. More the money, more he wants to invest in his city. In this quest of his, he his ready to confront anyone who comes his way, whether its the mankind or the nature.

Completely opposite to him is Shridhan Vardhan [Jawed Sheikh], also known as Guruji by his loved ones, who runs an Ashram known as Rishivan in the middle of the greens and is strictly in favor of nature preservation. Though he is a man of ideals, he is not one of those people who are completely unaware about the society around them and knows how to differentiate between the good and bad.

In the middle of the two extremes is Guruji's son Jaidev [Shahid Kapoor] who has lived his entire life based on his father's ideals but after witnessing GG's success starts having a shift in the mindset. On one side are ideals that work only for a select few, while on the other side are riches, luxuries and fun that come along by following the footsteps of someone like GG who have success as their middle name. He slowly starts getting influenced by the lifestyle of GG and comes closer to him but his conscience Madhavi [Amrita Rao], his lady love, tries her best to pull him away from falling into the trap.

Meanwhile GG's plan starts showing results as Jai is on the path that has a point of no return. In this scheme of GG, he is supported by his girlfriend Natasha [Bipasha Basu] who uses her charms to make Jai do exactly what GG wants. Though even she is not happy about what she is doing and is in constant guilt, she herself is so much in love with GG that she can hardly say no.

Guruji sees his son going wayward but still has hopes that he would get back on the right path soon. Jai starts enjoying life to the fullest with each moment of his revolving around luxury, lust and desires. He wants to reach the peak that only dreamers can dream but doesn't realize that he may reach the heights from where it could be one big fall at one single mistake.

Does Jai eventually realize that in the quest to reach the 'shikhar' of success, he has also ended up reaching the 'shikhar' of greed that threatens to put a blot on his characters? Does he realize that in the process of reaching the top, he may end up loosing the very same people who care most about him - his father and Madhavi?

Does the bubble break?

And even if this happens, does GG gets punished for his misdoings? Who wins in this battle of men v/s nature? Come 30th December and you would have answers to all of these!