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Shankar Dada MBBS Music Review

Shankar Dada MBBS Music Review
Chiranjeevi, Srikanth, Sonali Bendre, Paresh Rawal, Sivaji Raja, M S Narayana
Jayanth Paranji
A R S Prasad
Just what the doctor ordered
IndiaGlitz [Monday, September 6, 2004 • తెలుగు] Comments

Chiranjeevi is a prisoner to his image and his fans. The kind of expectations that his legion of fans have for his films and their songs is staggering. It is almost impossible to live up to such expectations. But, to the eternal credit of Chiru, he has always managed that. He doesn't mind going a bit easy on artistic elements just to satisfy his fans. His films are unabashed entertainment ---- with a reason.

It is essential to remember this background before getting to evaluate any of his films or their songs. The songs of his forthcoming release Shankar Dada MBBS are typically mass entertainers. The sharp rhythm and the infectious beat (for him to break into his inimitable dance movements) are certainly high. And by the time you come to the end of the cassette, you kind of have a picture of the movie.

And that may be the success of the young music director Devi Sri Prasad who has strained very hard to live to the expectations of Chiru's fans. On its own, the songs are only adequate; but when you take into account the film and Chiru, they are just what the doctor ordered --- perfect.

1. Shankar Dada MBBS
This is the title and theme song. Mano, the long-forgotten man of the muisc industry, makes a strong comeback, vocalizing the title and the subsequent lyrics with power and passion. The song sets the tone for the album and the movie. The background chorus is also good, gelling beautifully with the mood and the moment.

2.Naa Pere Kanchanamala
As far as item number goes, this is straight out of the top drawer. Karthik and Malathi, both uninhibited singers, do wonderful justice to Veturi's words with some brave singing. The orchestration, especially the rhythm part, is certain to make Chiru's fans dance in aisles. Though this is a fun song, underlies a profound philosophy.

3.Chaila Chaila
Chiru himself reckons this to be the song of the film. No doubt there is plenty of all elements in this number sung by Chiru (a small part), Devi Sri Prasad and KK. There is a touch of maudlin to the lyrics, but the song's tune lifts it to great heights.

4.Ye Jilla
Adnam Sami is Adnam Sami. There is a pronounced nasal twang to his numbers. And in this number that he shares with Kalpana he is at his veritable best. Though his range is constricted, Sami is a master in anything within his range. And this song falls within that range. The duet has a dulcet feel, yet is backed by some inspired rhythm movements.

5.Pattu Pattu
Manika Vinayagam has a voice that is unique in the industry. If you give the right song to him, it will surely be a hit. Devi Sri Prasad has done just that. Vinyakam (who is also an actor ---father of the hero in Donga Dongadi) and Sumangali have shown what gusto and gumption do to a song. It is just plain fun.

Quite simply, Shankar Dada MBBS's songs have a therapeutic and cathartic effect on his fans.