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Sevvel Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Wednesday, April 13, 2005 • Tamil ]
Sevvel Review
Therace Film Corporation
Raj Kiran, Jai Akaksh, Misha, Livingston

Sevvel starring Jai Akash is a movie on the emotions between a father and son. Unfortunately, an amateur attempt with an incoherent screenplay sans any logic takes the sheen out of the movie.

The entire movie revolves around Raj Kiran, who makes a comeback after a long gap while Jay Akash appears only now and then. Director Primus seems to have handled too many things at one time in this movie.

Sudalai (Raj Kiran) is a village chieftain who enjoys great respect among villagers. He leads a happy life with his wife Sevandhi (Seetha).

However, due to some turn of events, he is forced to clean the slippers of the villagers by the local police. Unable to tolerate the insult meted out, he and his wife decide to leave the village with their young son Sevvel (Jai Akash).

Sudalai manages to join a State Minister as his car driver and stays in her house in Chennai and visits his house once a week. One day, an advocate Parasuram (Kalabhavan Mani) in a fit of rage murders the Minister and manages to escape, leaving the blame on Sudalai.

He is arrested and gets life imprisonment. On hearing the news, his wife dies of shock and the child gets orphaned only to be taken care by a noble heart. Years roll by and Sudalai settles down in Chennai and ekes out a livelihood by running an old paper mart.

Meanwhile, Sevvel grows up and his search for his father continues. He grows up to a noble hearted youth who joins a law college.

He works in Sudalai's paper mart without knowing that he is his father. He passed out in flying colours in his law exams and joins as Parasuram's junior.

The rest is all emotional drama which culminates with Jai Akash taking revenge of Parasuram and a reunion with his father. Unfortunately an outdated story and a dull screenplay hamper the flow of the movie.

Raj Kiran seems to have given his best but at many places he goes overboard and does overact. Jai Akash has nothing much to do but for a couple of songs and stunts. It is a blunt performance by him.

The heroine, newcomer Misha, is a damp squib. One wonders why she is there at all in the movie. Kalabhavan Mani simply irritates playing a baddie with his usual mimicry skills.

Aasan's music has nothing to offer. Sevvel ---- Leaves you red in the face with anger.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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