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Seetaramudu Music Review

Seetaramudu Music Review
Sri Sambasiva Creations
Sivaji, Ankitha
Shyam Prasad
Yalamanchili Ravichand
Melody in mind
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, May 30, 2006 • తెలుగు] Comments

Thanks to the success of Lakshmi, Ramana Gogula has bounced back in style. The thing about him is that he knows what works in the market. His strength is that he mixes and matches well. In that, he can be melodious and mass-oriented simultaneously. In Seetharamudu, he sticks to his basics, not overreaching himself. The stress is on melody, and hence is very pleasing.

1. Cheli Chemantalai

It is a bit like in a trance in a garden the start,that is. The soft strumming of instruments and the light beats add a beautiful feel to the number. It is very melodious as the singers Rajesh and Sunitha sing with soft feeling. The song may not whip up any extra energy. But such lilt and lightness is indeed needed atleast for an enchanting contrast. The romantic feel is enhanced in the minimal use of instruments.

2. Lifeantha Masteele

Just read the first two words of the song, the genre will be clear to you. It is straight from the dance floor with patented beats and the peppy use of instruments. Ramana  Gogula himself takes up the mantle of singing. He lets it rip. The orchestration, with the mandatory incomprehensible rap bit, is on expected ways. Flashy. But little else.

3. Merupulantidi Neelo Prema

Almost from the Arabian nights. The initial musical pattern remind you of nights in lights-filled desert. Malgudi Subha, one of the high-energy singers, gets on board and gets going as only she can. The song has a lot of life, but the interludes seem dominating. Subha sings in an affected nasal twang. Yet, she is as ever bankable. Eventually, a good one.

4. Ninnu Chusina Chilipi

A sentimental soft strumming of the guitar sets the tone for a husky, sweet number.Raju and Sudha, the singers, croon with lot of involvement. They flesh out the right emotion for such a tune. The accent is on melody and Ramana Gogula ensures that with some even orchestration and intelligent mixing of the instruments. Maybe slow-paced of some, but sweet all the same.

5. Priyanayana Tara

Another one for the candyfloss collection. The guitars and the simple beats (of mridangam) keep the song in good stead. It is again very beautiful in its essence and essential execution. Venu warbles with the right touches and feel. Sunitha is also very confident and comfortable.The interludes have a touch of stylish symphony. A good song to keep you good company on lonely late nights.

6. Takitadimilona Gundelona

A robust number to round off a good effort. Tippu and Sunitha give all their worth. Though seemingly a mass number (the beats are typical), the song in itself has some intrinsic lilt.There lies its charm. Tippu's soft style is slightly uncomfortable to those having listened to him in high-blast numbers. Sunitha is very poised and pleasing. Ramana Gogula, on the whole, maintains hiS good form.