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Satya Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, May 10, 2024 • Telugu ]
Satya Review
Hamaresh, Muruga Doss, Prarthana, Amit Bhargav, Sanjay, Ragul, Vishwa, Akshaya Hariharan
Vaali Mohan Das
Siva Mallala
Sundaramurthy KS

Satya Movie Review

Satya portrays the journey of a young man as he navigates through the challenges and obstacles that come with transitioning from a government school to a private school.


Satyamurthy, known as Satya (Hamaresh), hails from a humble background and is pursuing his intermediate education at a government college in Gajuwaka. However, his father, Mohan Kumar Gandhi alias Gandhi (Adukalam Murugadoss), desires to provide him with better opportunities by enrolling him in a corporate college. When Satya transitions to the corporate college, he faces discrimination from his peers. Amidst these challenges, he falls in love with Parvati, also known as Paru(Prarthana Sandeep) who is a student at the same college. Despite their mutual affection, Satya encounters obstacles that prevent him from continuing his education at the corporate college. The film delves into the twists and turns of Satya's academic journey and his relationship with Parvati, as well as the difficulties faced by his father in securing his admission to the corporate college. To uncover the rest of the story, viewers are encouraged to watch the movie.

Satya Movie Review


Movies centered around life in government colleges often capture the essence of the environment—the camaraderie among students, the minor disagreements, budding romances, the guidance and scolding from lecturers, all integral parts of the college experience. These elements are beautifully depicted in the film 'Satya,' creating a relatable narrative. The movie's focal point lies in the father-son relationship, portraying the sacrifices and struggles parents endure to provide their children with quality education.

The film poignantly portrays the challenges faced by a student transitioning from a government school to a private one, highlighting the emotional conversations and interactions between the father and son. These scenes resonate deeply, showcasing the sacrifices parents make to afford expensive corporate education. While the first half provides a lighthearted and enjoyable experience, the second half delves into the emotional aspects, portraying the struggles of a poor family to secure a good education for their son.

Despite its slow pace, the film remains engaging and entertaining. Hamaresh, in his debut role, delivers a commendable performance, portraying the emotions of a young man from a humble background with sincerity. His co-star, Pratharna, adds charm to the film with her portrayal. The supporting cast also shines, convincingly portraying the ego clashes and dynamics among students, making the audience feel like a part of the narrative.

Satya Movie Review

Hamaresh's co-stars deliver strong performances, convincingly portraying the ego clashes and conflicts among students, making the audience feel immersed in the college environment. Adugalam Murugadoss, known for his role in 'Aadukalam,' shines as Hamaresh's father, embodying the character of a hardworking individual. His interactions with his son, wife, and daughter reflect the dynamics of a typical family. The actress playing Hamaresh's mother also delivers a solid performance, as does the actress portraying his sister.

Director Vaali Mohan Das, drawing from his own experiences, captures the essence of college life, the struggles of a poor family, and the emotions within. The film strikes a balance between humor and emotion, although it lacks major plot twists. The background score, while not standout, complements the narrative. The songs, though not memorable, fit well within the story. Cinematography is a highlight, with well-captured visuals enhancing the overall appeal. The editing could have been more engaging to maintain the film's momentum.

Satya was originally produced in Tamil by Satish, and Shiva Mallala's Telugu translation under the Shivam Media banner maintains the film's quality, bringing it to a wider audience.


Satya is a heartwarming film that resonates with audiences, evoking nostalgia for their school days. While the second half may appear slow, it is filled with emotionally resonant scenes that tug at the heartstrings.

Rating: 1.75 / 5.0

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