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Sathyavan Savithri Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, June 30, 2007 • Kannada ]
Sathyavan Savithri Review
Ramesh Arawind, Daisy Boppanna, Jennifer Kothwal, Mohan, Anirudh, Komal

"I was born in 1896 and my parents were married in 1919" wrote a British Editor J.R.Ackerley in his book 'My Father and Myself' in 1968. Marriage is such an aversion to so many people in this world. It is a commitment - wife is worries invited for ever. Similar is the case with Dr.Sathya in 'Satyavan Savithri'. In today's genre the girls go to the extent of saying 'I don't expect anything except the bills' - Dr.Sathya faces this kind of situation in his escapism to marriage. He claims that he is a married bachelor!

Ramesh back in action after the super hit 'Rama Shama Bhama' as director and actor gives a thoroughly enjoyable comedy entertainer. The screenplay is smooth and the artiste selection he has made is apt. Clever in his approach intelligent Ramesh has made changes to Hindi film 'Maine Pyaar Kyoo Kiya' (Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Sushmitha Sen, Katrina Kaif and Arshad Warsi). Three songs in the film are very well tuned by Gurukiran. Its value increases on the screen because of glamour and glitz Ramesh has added to it.

Dr.Sathya (Ramesh) is a dentist in his clinic with a beautiful secretary Subbalakshmi (Daisy Boppanna). Subbalakshmi is an ardent admirer of Dr.Sathya. Dr.Sathya is not according to his name. He is a lie master. He is very efficient in flirting. The excuse he gives to girls when it comes to the marriage is that he is married and having two children. This is the kind of person what Monisha (Jennifer Kotwal) is looking for. She had run away from home because her parents did not allow her to wear skirt. Dr.Sathya and Monisha fall in love but Monisha wants Sathya to clear the formalities with his first wife. Now Dr.Sathya looks for a temporary wife and that is Subbulakshmi his secretary. When Monisha wants to know about the children of Dr.Sathya Subbulakshmi makes arrangement for it. Dr.Sathya utters another lie that his first wife is leaving because she has a boy friend. Now Monisha compels that she wants to see the boyfriend of Sathya's wife. This is once again problematic for Dr.Sathya. He hires his friend Naidu (Mohan) for this job. On the other hand Monisha is closely acquainted with her neighbor Sharaabu (Anirudh) as he had saved her from suicide and other difficulties. Monisha knowing the pack of lies of Dr.Sathya changes her attitude. Around this time Subbulakshmi changes her traditional approach and just chill out on valentine day in a party. This is what irritates Dr Sathya extremely. He scolds her in the office and Subbulaksmi walks out as his secretary. Fed up of developments Dr.Sathya knows from Monisha how immensely Subbulakshmi likes him. Enough is enough says Dr.Sathya and he prefers Subbulakshmi as his life partner convincing her in the climax.

It is a cake walk for Ramesh, Komal, Mohan and Daisy Boppanna. All of them showed high degree of skill. Jennifer Kotwal looks rotund. The hairstyle for her is the big disadvantage. She has the ability to emote but she has to make way for better roles. Dattanna and gang OK. Dialogues by Rajendra Karanth are crisp and tidy.

First time Ninna very well sung by Lakshmi. Daisy Boppanna appearing in this song mesmerizes. In the last song of the film Hello Boys how do you do., (sung very well by Apoorva Sridhar, Gurukiran and Shastri) Daisy looks very spicy and gives a new kick and fun.

Fatso cameraman Doss has given very good results in his camera. The 2 minutes car chase handled in computer graphic gives a chilling moment on the screen.

This is a film for bachelors, spinsters, married bachelors and honest couples too.

Scoring - 7.5/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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