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Saradhaara Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, June 30, 2005 • Kannada ]
Saradhaara Review
Darshan, Gurlin Chopra, Tara, Harish Rai, Suryakanth, Krishne Gowda
P.N. Sathya
Rajashekhara Aradhya

Darshan, who made his debut as a hero four years ago, has come back in a new avatar in "Saradhaara". He has made a bold move in shedding the image of an action hero and playing a do-gooder. 
Darshan has already proved his box office credentials with two of his recent films - "Bhagawan" and "Kalasi Palya" - being declared big hits. 
"Saradhaara" had raised high expectations among his fans, but the film fails to hold the audience's interest. This mainly is the failure of director P.N. Sathya, who has also written its story. 
Director P.N. Sathya had two hit films - "Majestic" and "Daasa" - with the lanky hero earlier. In his third attempt, he has desperately tried to mix up all the ingredients to repeat the success. 
The sentimental sequences in the film could have been a little more refined. The action sequences look like ones added just for attracting the mass audience. 
Darshan has not been able to benefit from the attempted image change mainly because the script is unconvincing.
  "Saradhaara", shot in the interiors of Mysore district, is rural-based unlike other Darshan films.
Srinivasa Murthy plays a complex character in the film and does it well. Tara has also come out with a good cameo in the film. Gurlin Chopra looks good on screen, but fails to emote in some critical sequences. 
The music by is a major drawback. An equal liability is the screenplay. In his eagerness to highlight the character of the hero, the director has created a few logic-defying twists in the climax.
"Saradhaara" is a film that tries to be different, but fails to appeal to all sections of the audience. For diehard Darshan fans, it turns out to be a disappointment.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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