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Santhosha Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Wednesday, June 22, 2005 • Kannada ]
Santhosha Review
Rajesh, Sidhdharth, Pranathi, Anitha, Anat Nag, Chithra Shenoy, Sadhu Kokila
Indumathi Ramesh

Playback singer Rajesh makes his debut as an actor in "Santhosha", which also introduces Sidhdharth, a Kashmiri Pandit settled in Mumbai, as the hero.
 Pranathi, who has made a name from her first Malayalam film "4 the people" is the heroine.
Anitha or Natasha, who had earlier figured in "Veera Kannadiga" with Puneeth Raj Kumar, plays a small but significant role in this youth-oriented love story.
Indumathi Ramesh, a gold medallist from the Chennai Film Institute, makes his debut as a director in this film, after working with several directors including Indrajith Lankesh. 
The highlight of the film is the exceptionally good performance from veteran Anant Nag and the screen presence of Pranathi and Anitha. The comedy sequences featuring Sadhu Kokila provide enjoyable relief. 

"Santhosha" has a thin story line, but what makes it different from the run-of-the-mill films is its narration. The film is clean and devoid of double-meaning dialogues and excessive violence. 
One more attraction of the film is the way a basket ball match has been shot, bringing a lot of tension into the sequence.
The story revolves around college mates Sidhdharth and Ramya who pretend to be just friends despite being in love with each other. 
Sidhdharth in fact does not like the idea of love. A tragic incident in his family has made him believe that love during college was the reason for all problems in life.
Ramya becomes close to Sidhdharth, but cannot express her feelings because she has heard of Sidhdharth's hatred for the idea of love among students. 
Added to this confusion are the mix-ups caused by a common acquaintance who plays foul with both.
Ramya's father is transferred to Bhuj. It takes an earthquake here, which they survive before returning to Bangalore, for the pair to proclaim their love for each other.
Sidhdharth has done his job well but Rajesh, as his friend, is not up to the mark. Pranathi looks good, but she has not been able to deliver in emotional sequences.
Anitha comes out well in the few sequences that she is seen in. Anant Nag is at his best as the lovable father, who resorts to drinking to drown his worries. 
Two song sequences are well shot, but the music could have been better. Krishna Kumar's photography is exceptional. Ramesh can definitely make a mark as a good director.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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