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Samrajyam 2 Son Of Alexander Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, June 8, 2015 • മലയാളം ]
Samrajyam 2 Son Of Alexander Review
Unni Mukundan, Akanksha Puri, Vijayaraghavan, K.C.Shankar, Suman, Devan, Manoj K. Jayan

What made 'Samrajyam' a passable movie was Mammootty's presence. Its sequel Samrajyam 2 is nothing but a disaster. It has some semblance of style which Unni Mukundan bravely shoulders. But what it lacks is substance. This lack is felt right from the word go and the film never really recovers from this aftermath.

The makers have attempted a racy thriller slotted under the gangster movie genre. But the kind of inanities in the sequences leaves a flat hollow resonance which leaves a bad taste in the mouth. There is nothing much about the movie to write home about. It simply is a flop. There are too many scenes which leaves you wonder how in the world the director could have let it be done.

Unni Mukundan has tried his best to lift a flagging venture. But his charm and muscles does not stand a chance against the cliches in the movie. Unni Mukundan plays Jordon, who is the son of Alexander. Though he grew up away from the if bad gangster world, genes catch up and he is a don in no time. His role has a punch, but the lack of novelty ruins whatever, he has tried to do.

Akansha Puri is the movie's heroine and she cuts a pretty figure. She dolls up a frame and nothing more. There is nothing much that she can do with a script like this. What is surprising is that the kind of production cost that has gone into the movie. From the court cases to a late release, the loss for the producer would be quite huge. Directed by Perarasu, there are some technical beauties in the movie, which gets swept away in the melee of idiocy.

Given Malayalee's sensibilities as far as a good movie is concerned, this is one movie whose fate is quite pitiable. This seems to be a wrong time for Unni Mukundan too. Perhaps, someone wil take heart and learn not to make such kind of gangster movies which simply does not sell.

Rating - 1/5

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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