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Sambhavami Yuge Yuge Music Review

Sambhavami Yuge Yuge Music Review
Anji, Kautilya, Raj, Srijana, Sitara
Sambhavami Yuge Yuge
Fresh, Original and Wonderful
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, November 29, 2005 • తెలుగు] Comments

Who is Anil? You won't wait for long to say that he is an immensely talented music director and has made his entry in a grand way into the music industry, after listening to some wonderful melodies he has composed for this album. This album contains some songs which will wow you, and some average numbers. The music director excelled in melodies and instrumental songs which are refreshing and new and did an above average job in providing foot tapping fast beat songs. The music director is also successful in evoking eagerness to hear 'what's coming up next' when listening to one song. Overall, for a small budget movie with less known actors, it is commendable music.

Alale Pongenu 4.5*  Singers: Ramki

Wonderful start. Very original and fresh melody in which the usage of instruments, chorus is very measured enriching the listening experience. One would instantly fall in love with this song and it comes as a breath of fresh air when compared to any other song heard in recent times. Ramki has done a wonderful job in making the song sound very youthful, however, occasionally the voice had shades of SPB's, and it would be great if he can stay away from it to avoid any comparisons. The song has good lyrics conveying youthfulness, friendship between individuals who wish to live and breathe together. Your curiosity to hear what is next in the album will skyrocket after listening to this one, but you will be reluctant to move to the next song without repeated hearing.

Vela Vela 3.5*  Singers: Nayani, Rohit

The song is like reciting poetry and goes like 'Vela vela kantulannu okkasari ilage..'. The lyrics convey love between the couple. The usage of Flute and Guitar is impressive. The song is pleasant like a gentle breeze and is apt for listening during late night hours when you are relaxing in your rocking chair, by the end of the song you are bound to catch a good sleep. Nayani and Rohit have sung the song very well and made it an enjoyable piece.

Paikam 3.5*  Singers: Nidheesh Gopalan, Sindhu Rajaram

This is a fast beat song reflecting the state of society, that mad rush for money will push you into darkness and also conveys a social message that there is no point in waiting for tomorrow to do things but one should believe in themselves and start doing things from today. Nidheesh and Sindhu sing in tandem to provide the added zing to the song. Violin, percussion instruments and Strings have been used in interludes beautifully and enhance the mood of the song.

Alale Pongenu (Sad) 4.5*  Singers: Vijay

At this point, you will be confused to rate this song in comparison to the above ones, because the music director has used similar lyrics like first two songs and similar tune, but this is a short and sad version. Depending on the listener's mood and choice, easily any one of the first three songs can become your favorite. Vijay has done an excellent job, but one would be tempted to just imagine SPB singing this song (Yes, it's a tailor made SPB song), Vijay has come very close to it and he deserves a lot of accolades for this. This song will definitely touch you and will leave you spell bound right from the first line "Veedinda bandham...".

Leta Tamalapaaku 3* Singers: Malgadi Subha, Ranjith

This is an item number. It is refreshing to listen to someone other than Malati singing such songs. Both Ranjith and Malgadi Subha did a good job in maintaining the tempo of the song and made this an enjoyable piece. This song caters to the masses and can become quite popular. But, after listening to such good and unconventional music in the album till now, one will wonder is it really important to be formula fixated (to have one item number 2 melodies and a couple of fast beat songs?)