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Sakhavu Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, April 17, 2017 • Malayalam ]
Sakhavu Review
Universal Cinema
Nivin Pauly, Sreenivasan
Sidhartha Siva
B. Rakesh
Prashant Pillai

‘Sakhavu’ impresses with its presentation of an ideology and a stand that it asks us to take. Contrary to what one might expect, it does not glorify politics nor does it put any political outfit on a pedestal. Siddarth Siva has been able to put forth a thoughtful movie which is interesting to watch. Also ‘Sakhavu’ brings out another phase in Nivin Pauly’s acting career. The actor’s talent has been utilized well in the movie and the three characterizations are well executed.

‘Sakhavu’ is replete with thought provoking dialogues and when things feel a bit of a lag, these out of the blue dialogues keep the movie on track to becoming entertaining. After ‘Premam’, there is this interesting combo of Nivin and Althaf which is hilarious in places. The first half of the movie has this selfish and irritating Sakhavu Krishnakumar aka Kichu, for whom politics is all about furthering his ambition. Watching this part would make one feel that this movie will be all about critiquing communism. However things take a turn as the movie progresses and we see the movie showing what communism should be.

We are taken through Sakhavu Krishnan’s life to let Krishakumar and us viewers have this realization. A blood donation at Kottayam Medical College is all it takes for Krishnan’s life to change. The way the characters have been brought to life is beautiful. There are no heroics, just ideals. Yes, the movie is idealistic but tastefully done. The formation of the workers’ union, Janaki’s (Aishwarya Rajesh) part in Krishnan’s life and as the red flag unfurls, one is impressed by Siddarth’s craft in linking the past and the present to set the movie in our contemporary age.

Nivin’s acting is one to watch out for. We saw two of his get ups in the trailer and a suprising third one is again impressive. He has handled all three well and one feels he has evolved as an actor. The credit also goes to Siddarth Siva for moulding him well in each frame. Among the three actresses in the movie Aishwarya as Janaki impresses. Of course there is the depth of characterization concerning Janaki. Aparna Gopinath also stands out in her role. Gayathri Suresh doesn’t have much to do in the movie. Althaf is the funny guy in the movie with his weirdness and is extremely likable. The rest of the supporting cast too justify their characterizations.

The camera by George C Willimas is fitting. The way the shots aptly frames the past and conveys the mood of an ideology is appreciable. The songs narrate stories and beautifully gel well with the narrative. The editing is crisp. Direction is safe in Siddarth Siva’s capable hands. His craft is good and his creativity deserves appreciation.

‘Sakhavu’ is an entertainer with funny moments contrary to expectations of a Siddarth Siva movie. But not an entertainer of the crass sort. Watch out for Nivin’s performance, a well told tale and a movie that breaks stereotypes.

Rating: 3.5 / 5.0

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