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Sabari Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, March 20, 2007 • Tamil ]
Sabari Review
Sri Saravanaa Creaations
Vijayakanth, Malavika, Jyorthirmayi, Pradeep Rawat, Delhi Ganesh, Reena, Rajshri Nair, Mahadevan, Aishwarya
Salem A. Chandrasekaran

From a serious cop to a caring doctor, it is a transformation for Vijayakanth. But his mission remains the same and that is, eliminating the evil elements from the society.

Seemingly inspired by Ramana, director Suresh has woven a script which suits Vijayakanth's new-found political image and gives him enough scope to flex his muscles and take on the baddies.

A one-man army, Vijayakanth goes on a 'revenge' mode and bumps off the rowdy elements, who are disturbing peace and tranquility in the city. For the flip side, the movie has loads of punch dialogues explaining Vijayakanth's political ideologies.

Neither the story nor the screenplay is new for a Captain's film. The hero is pitted against a bunch of baddies. But the director has chosen the Government Hospital as the background and this makes for some pertinent observations and gives a context to the script. Vijayakanth, who plays a cardiologist in GH exposes the pitiable condition in government hospitals. A do-gooder, he goes around helping the deserving and the needy.

Jyothirmayi plays a typical heroine in Captain's films. After a few encounters, she gets inspired by his good ways and falls in love with him. Malavika plays a house surgeon in the hospital whose love for Vijayakanth is one-sided. Pradeep Rawat, Pithamagan Mahadevan and Aryan play the villains.

Dr Sabarivasan (Vijayakanth) is a senior cardiologist in Chennai Government Hospital. He tries to set things in order in the Indian medical system.  He successfully performs an open-heart surgery on a young girl which wins him admiration from Nandhini (Jyothirmayi).

Dr Sabari comes across a gang of dreaded gangsters and he helps the police nab them. In turn, he incurs the wrath of the Vajravelu (Pradeep Rawat), a real estate shark, whose brother meets his fate at the hands of police after being caught by Dr Sabari.

It's now a showdown between Dr Sabari and Vajravelu. Who prevails in the end forms the crux.

Pradeep Rawat and Pithamagan Mahadevan have done their parts well.

A few scenes including those at the Lankan refugee camp where Dr Sabari holds a medical camp boasts of Captain's hard hitting dialogues against his political opponents. Those scenes try to project the atrocities faced by refugees at the hands of the border police. They have been sensitively picturised and they truly call for some retrospection.

Vijayakanth appears in trendy costumes singing romantic duets in foreign locales with both Jyothirmayi and Malavika.

Mani Sharma's music is foot-tapping and racy. The stunts by Rocky Rajesh is a major highlight of the movie. Dialogues by Pattukottai Prabhakar add fillip to the film.

It's Vijayakanth all the way who with his brainy and brawny ways restores order in the society.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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