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Saawan - The Love Season Music Review

Saawan - The Love Season Music Review
Salman Khan, Kapil Jhaveri and Saloni Aswani,
Saawan Kumar
Aadesh Shrivastava
Music is a let down
Wednesday, April 5, 2006 • Hindi Comments

After Dev Anand, if there is one film maker who hasn't lost the zeal for film making, it is Saawan Kumar. In spite of the fact that his last successful film came a decade and a half back [Sanam Bewafa - 1991], he has made one film after another, though not with much success. Now he arrives with an ambitious project that could be make or break for him as it stars none other than superstar Salman Khan in an extended guest appearance. 'Saawan - The Love Season' has music by Aadesh Srivastava while Saawan Kumar himself handles the lyrics department.

1) Punjabi Ankhonwali [Shaan, Sunidhi Chauhan]

Supposed to be a fun song in appreciation of a girl's eyes, 'Punjabi Ankhonwali' turns out to be strange, to say the least, as it does everything from comparing the eyes of a Pujabi girl with that of eyes from other countries across the globe. Hardly impressive, its rhythm too is quite old fashioned and belongs to the early 90s variety. In spite of presence of singers like Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan, the song just about manages to be average and would vanish from public memory once the film is off the screen. An unexpected beginning to an album that promised a much better start.

2) Tu Mila De [Sonu Nigam, music: Sajid Wajid]

A song designed mainly for Salman Khan fans who love to see him as someone nursing a broken heart, 'Tu Mila De' is a guest composition by Sajid Wajid who have enjoyed a long running relationship with Khan, just like Himesh Reshammiya. A 'qawalli' with sad undertones, it is supposed to be the highlight of the film. Now that's surprising because the choreography is not up to the standards and seems to be a hurried job. At maximum, it turns out to be an above average track rendered by Sonu Nigam but still doesn't have in it to etch its place in your heart for months to come.

3) Jo Maangi Khuda Se (Two versions) [Kunal Ganjawala, Jaspinder Nirula]

First saccharine coated romantic song to make an appearance in the album, 'Jo Maangi Khuda Se' is as lovey-dovey as it gets with first Kunal Ganjawala and then Jaspinder Narula getting cozy in their respective solo versions. The song moves at a leisurely pace, something that fits in well with the passionate mood of the song. Yes, it is a more or less in the mould of a conventional love song but still it manages to hold your interest throughout its duration due to its melodious feel.

4) Ready For Love [Vasundara Das]

Thankfully 'Ready For Love' comes only at this stage. Why? Because the "worst" is reserved for the end!! A poor number all the way, whether it is the music or the lyrics, 'Ready For Love' is a poor cousin of Biddu's style of composition and falls flat on its face. Especially irritating is the sound of 'I Am Ready' that comes every now and then and completely puts you off. A song about a girl who is comfortable about her physicality and is now 'ready for love', this Hinglish number hardly cuts an ice. One look at the lyrical gem and you know why - "Meri Kunwari Finger Pe Koyi Diamond Ring Pehna De, Mobile Pe Kisi Aashiq Se Ek Pyaar Ki Ring Bajwa De"!!! It's hard to fathom what inspired Vasundara Das to get ready to sing this track!

5) Saawan-The Love Season [Shaan, Sunidhi Chauhan]

After hearing the worst song of the album, you are pleasantly surprised to hear the best song of the album, though it comes in a little too late. 'Saawan - The Love Season', the title song, is a nice'n'sweet love song about two young hearts with top singers Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan doing quite well to render their tender moments. A song with romance written all over it, it has a strong base of Indian melody that works in its favor.