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Saarocharu Music Review

Saarocharu Music Review
Three Angels Studios Pvt. Ltd.
Raviteja, Kajal Agarwal
Priyanka Dutt
Devi Sri Prasad
Two duets, two mass tunes to arrest audiences
Wednesday, December 12, 2012 • Telugu Comments

The Raviteja, Kajal and Richa starrer 'Sarocharu' is most likely to hit the screens on December 21. Here is the music review of this youthful entertainer directed by Parasuram, presented by Vyjayanti Movies and produced by Priyanka Dutt. The most sought-after director of the present generation, Devisri Prasad gave fantastic tunes to all the songs in this film. Let us see how the music is now...

Made for each other    Listen here

Singer: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyricist: Ramajogayya Sastry

This is a little fast beat song rendered in a typical voice by music director Devisri Prasad himself for Raviteja and it gives the audiences a good impression because his voice suits him very well. Moreover, as the tune was so good, the lyricist had also given an impressive set of words and the mixture of both of them was good to hear. The confluence of both the lyric and the tune was perfect. It appears that the director might have chosen the lyricist and the musician to give him a song to describe the characteristics of the hero and heroine in a typical Raviteja's comical bit. As a whole, the song goes in a decent manner.

Jaga Jaga Jagadeka Veera   Listen here

Singers: Venu, Ranina Reddy
Lyricist: Ramajogayya Sastry

It is Ramajogayya Sastry who could pen such a romantic duet. While listening to the song, anyone would go into a romantic dream and looks him in the role of a hero and the one he likes most as the heroine. The singers too rendered the song in such a romantic way and the number is quite soothing on ears. Devisri Prasad too came up with a fantastic tune for this romantic yet soothing song. Yet he did not forget his style with the help of the synthesizer and percussion instruments. On listening to the song, we can expect a fantastic choreography for this song too on the screen.

Raccha Rambola   Listen here

Singers: Javed Ali, Rita
Lyricist: Srimani

Use of electric guitar and key board, Devisri Prasad gave a mass feel to this song. Javed Ali and Rita rendered this song as a fast paced duet. The vocals of the singers though gave a mass feel for the song the film did not give any special feel. Devisri Prasad goes for an unconventional tune for this song and at times we get a doubt whether this was tuned by Devisri Prasad? The soundtrack was of peppy nature and the choreography of this song could only make the audiences to sit in the theatre. Otherwise the song would give the audiences a cigarette break or go to have a cup of coffee/tea.

Gusa Gusa   Listen here

Singers: Sagar, Sunita
Lyricist: Anant Sriram

The number of songs in the film is very less when compared to the films coming up during these days. The film had two heroines, Kajal and Richa Gangopadhyay. While the earlier song `Jaga Jaga Jagadeka Veera...' was with one heroine, the other heroine must have shared the screen and shook her legs for this romantic duet. Devisri Prasad once again gave a decent tune for this song and Anant Sriram penned a nice lyric for the tune. But for the heavy use of percussion instruments, the tune of this song is good and the duration too is very small when compared with other songs of romantic genre. However, the song is good to hear and is soothing to ears too.

Kaatuka Kallu   Listen here

Singers: Khushi Murali, Swetha Mohan, Chinna Ponnu
Lyricist: Chandrabose

It is another Raviteja style mass track and the director and the music director must have decided to make the front benchers to blow whistles and dance to the tune and the choreography of the song too should have been made in a complete mass-entertaining dance. The male voice in the song is full of energy and Sweta's voice is quite melodious. Chandrabose tried his best to entertain the audiences to the fullest extent. Keeping in view the nature of the song, Devisri Prasad went rustic and gave a loud music for this song. Let us hope that the choreography of this song too would have been made with the same mass spirit.

Undoubtedly all the songs in the film are decent. Of them the first and last song in the track are of mass nature, while two of them are duets and one is a peppy number. Devisri Prasad did a good job for the album and with the help of good choreography, director Parasuram would make the album very effective. Let us wait till December 21, the day the film is going to be released for the verdict of the audiences.