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Romeo Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, December 18, 2007 • Malayalam ]
Romeo Review
M H M productions
Dileep, Vimala Raman, Bheeman Reghu, Ashokan, T P Madhavan, cochin Haneef, Mallika Sukumaran, Bindu Panikkar, Subu Lekshmy
Alex Paul

what do you expect from a Rajasenan film? Of Course, you can't imagine him telling a die hard serious affair. Going by the previous acquaintances you know it will be a family friendly comedy, with a few slapstick sequences, built around mistaken identities, masquerades and a load of comedy artists and character artists. Don't mistake this as anything different from the earlier ones. Romeo too is planned as a laugh riot, with a `laugh a minute' formula. We seems to laugh all through, but the problem is that the film doesn't take to us too much, leaving us desiring for more. That is why I think most came out of the theaters with a steady "Not so bad, not so good either" opinions.

As the title suggests, the film is all about a person who gets infatuations of girls very easily and very regularly and ends up with three girls all deciding to marry him at any cost. The film opens at a hospital where we are introduced to Manu Krishna, a young male nurse who has a very special bonding with Dr.Priya, also of the same hospital. They had been friends since their younger days. But Manu doesn't realize that Priya cares much for him than herself. On the other hand Manu, a music buff immediately falls for Leena a finalist of the musical reality show 'Kitex Mega singer' where Manu's mother Lekshmykutty amma is also a judge.

Manu's father Ratheesh Kumar, a junior artist, takes Rs. 5 lakhs as bribe from Leena's father, Avarachan, a cunning businessman, for making Leena the winner of super singer. But the operation fails and Leena fails to become the mega winner. Now for the payback Manu and his friend Prashanth hatch a plan, according to which Manu will marry Leena and Avarachan can lessen the spent money from the dowry amount. Avarachan, who is not in favor of this, agrees on one condition-Manu has to get converted to Christianity before the marriage. Manu thus gets converted and gets a new name - Manuel. But then Leena is forced to say that she doesn't want to go ahead with the marriage. Manu, now Manuel, finds himself in a debacle as he also loses his job due to his conversion.

Prashanth now finds employment for Manu as a home-nurse, to look after a demented Brahmin Ramanathan. To get a salary hike, Manu appears there as a Brahmin named Subramani. But here also another neighborhood girl Bhama, who also teach music and sings bhajan at temples falls for him, as she finds him as his savoir from his troublesome drunkard wouldbe. But everything goes out of hands as the orthodox family and their community realizes that this Subrahmani is actually a Christian. Manu has only one thing left and that is to flee. As the community throws out Bhama from the Agrahaaram, she along with her dear ones goes to find Manu.

At this point Priya saves Manu and tells her affection towards him. She somehow manages to make his suspicious father Jayaraj, a retired C B I officer, to accept the affair. He immediately decides to make the announcement of their marriage at their newly constructed resorts. At the same time, Leena, who expressed unwillingness due to the threats from her father, now leaves home abandoning a marriage proposal brought by her father. Manu's father Ratheesh Kumar now accompanies Leena, to the resort to find Manu and get him married to Leena. And now with all three girls in the  same resort looking  to marry  the same person in Manu, Manuel and Subrahmani, all hell break loose, as if in a Priyan's slapstick comedy..

The bare plot creates laughter situations that we had been to umpteen times ,but the real problem is  again with the basic plot which is devised for punching in hilarious sequences than to narrate with elegance.

Dileep is once again in a tailor made role as Manu, but there is nothing more for him to do than ordinary. The heroines Vimala as Dr.Priya, Samvrutha as Leena

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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