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Role Models Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, June 27, 2017 • Malayalam ]
Role Models Review
Phars Films & Tricolor Entertainment
Fahadh Faasil, Namitha Pramod, Srinda Arhaan

The film ‘Role Models’ and  Fahadh Fassil’s character looks very familiar as the movie unfolds. When we think back, its ‘Dil Chahtha Hei’, ‘Zindagi Na Milega Dhobaara’ and Fahadh in ‘North 24 Kaatham’ and Shiva of ‘Bangalore Days’ all rolled into one. While those were all classy movies, ‘Role Models’ is a messy affair. There are too many things happening and sometimes the connection is lost as tidbits here and there don’t add to what the movie is trying to narrate. That said, ‘Role Models’ is passably entertaining with some dialogues and counter dialogues to provide laughs. Whether one would laugh at the innuendos and cheesy narration depends on one’s sensibility.

The movie has Gautham (Fahadh Fassil) playing the lead protagonist. He is a straitjacketed person with a restrained behavior and a workaholic. He is this way because of certain incidents in his life. Worried parents call on his friends to help out. A trip to Goa to sort out issues and incidents there forms the crux of the movie. One thing that stands out is Namitha’s costumes. She looks great on screen. Interestingly, Fahahdh’s role is not fully fleshed out, and his talent is barely used. So is the case with most others. The problem with the script is that events do not add up. Moreover, comedy is there for the sake of it. Even the climax is not spared.

Gautham’s transformation should have been engaging. But the emotions that haunt him does not gel with the past that is shown. Themes are aplenty in the movie. However, the didactic and preachy tone takes away from the charm. The frames of Goa and Kerala are a huge plus. There is that warmth and fun one feels. All the cast have done their parts as required. The only problem is that none of the characters have been etched well, including that of Gautham. Sharafudeen is perhaps the only actor who scores with his remarkable comic timing. It is a wonder how Fahadh Fassil agreed to do such a role. Vinayakan is wasted in this role.

The direction and script is by Raafi. Though the idea is elaborate, the execution and threading together of events are found wanting. Cinematography is good enough. Editing is lacklustre. Songs are just passable. Humour is slapstick at best. Some may find the comic elements funny though. Technically the movie is sound enough. But the story and the narration lacks the required punch to make this an entertaining affair.

‘Role Models’ is an average movie. Some of the fun might rub off with the right crowd. But many could find the digs and the downgrading irritating.

Rating: 2 / 5.0

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