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Rocky Music Review

Rocky Music Review
Zayed Khan, Minisha Lamba, Isha Sherwani
Suresh Krishna
Narendra Bajaj
Himesh Reshamiya
Himesh Rocks In Spite of Being Repetitive
Tuesday, July 18, 2006 • Hindi Comments

Too much of a good thing can be boring. And, Repetitive. It's a simple law of demand-n-supply that Rockstar Reshamiya fails to understand. He has had a great year with countless hits, and it's time he learnt to just chill rather than repeating himself recklessly in similar sounding music. As for his nasal-twang-powered vocals, I have nothing against them. For, he is classically trained and has an impressive range. But when in an album of six songs (Add another six remixes by DJ Akbar Sami), you hear him donning the singing cap ten times, it is surely an overdose. `Rocky' is a decent music album, though it lacks variations. And yes, Himesh can add another chartbuster in `Junoon' to his bulging list.

`Junoon' is creating waves. It's a typical Himesh Reshamiya number with the hook line repeating hundreds of time (Remember Jhoom Jhoom, Jhalak Dikhlaja, Humko Deewana Kar Gaye, Aashiq Banaya Aapne, I Love You O Sayoni). Himesh blends his sufi singing style with the tinge of an electric guitar, bass-propelled western beats, sprinkling of a tabla loop and an energizing chorus loop. Amrita Kak has a small part to play while Himesh takes away the cake. In the middle, his scatting in an Indian Classical improvisation is very impressive. `Junoon' shall be the fast-food-anthem of the hipsters for the next few months. Remixed version of `Junoon' is nothing but a techno loop thronging attention throughout. The original in itself is ideal to rock the dance floors, but the added-up-tempo-beat takes away the fun. Not recommended is what I can say.

The opening keyboard-sarangi piece of `Laagi Chhute Na' is reminiscent of the opening musical piece of `Jhalak Dikhlaja'. Even the rhythm arrangement and even the fillers remind you of `Jhalak'. Sarangi fillers, tabla-western beat loop running throughout the song and Himesh's vocals are the mainstay of this song. Nothing great. The stress of overwork clearly reflects as it's apparent that Himesh isn't enjoying himself while belting out this number. The club mix shall find favours for its youthfulness although there's nothing spectacularly different except for the up-tempo beat.

`My Love For You Is Not A One Night Stand'..I must say, it's a beautiful love ballad. There are moments when Himesh improvises upon his own voice and it looks completely different. This song is one such occasion. The softer side of Himesh the singer is fabulous. An empty city road in the middle of the night is inhabited by a couple madly in love. The blanket of darkness all around is illuminated by the nostalgic street lights of romance. No, it's not a teeny crush. There's maturity, yet it seems as if it's the first blush of love. Akriti Kakar's silken vocals compliment Himesh perfectly. I must say this girl has a bright future ahead. More music directors should use her vocals. I was also impressed with the music arrangements. Himesh has a damn good violen player in his team as the emotion bleeds in his playing style.

The remix of `My Love For You' is a mixed bag. DJ Akbar Sami has really worked hard on this number. And it shows. Mixing a slow number is the real test for a DJ. Sami shines through. The techno clubby mix steps up the tempo and completely turns around this number. He retains the romantic spirit but makes sure you just can't resist the infectious dance beats. Akriti Kakar sounds sensuously enchanting. Hit the dance floor guys!

`Teri Yaad Bichake Sota Hoon' is an attempt at aping the sixties style of music. There's a piano loop that is repeated as a rhythm loop and sounds interesting. But the western rhythm loop is too repetitive. It's the same loop that one hears in most of Himesh Reshamiya numbers. He is back as a singer again and sounds uninspired. As for Tulsi Kumar, then girl, you