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Rocketry: The Nambi Effect Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, June 30, 2022 • Kannada ]
Rocketry: The Nambi Effect Review
Madhavan, Simran, Rajith Kapur, Suriya ShahRukhKhan, Ravi Raghavendra, Misha Goshal
R. Madhavan
Sarita Madhavan, Varghese Moolan, Vijay Moolan
Shyam CS

Rocketry The Nambi Effect Movie Review

'Rocketry: The Nambi Effect' hits the screens on July 1. In this section, we are going to review the Madhavan directorial and starrer.


The story takes place in the 1950s and later and eventually ends in the 2010s. ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan (R Madhavan) is determined that India should join the comity of nations where space research reaches an advanced stage. His scientific exploits at ISRO make him a star among the scientific establishment. But everything falls apart when he is implicated on trumped-up charges because of a political conspiracy in Kerala. Nambi has to fight shame and the traitor tag when he is accused of espionage and transferring rocket technology to India's enemy nation, Pakistan.

What happens when Nambi, a patriot at heart, is accused of the unthinkable? That's what the second half is about.

Rocketry The Nambi Effect Movie Review


From acclaimed movies to novel roles in multiple languages, from web series to documentaries, Madhavan has made his foray into them all over the years. In terms of writing, 'Rocketry' (for which he has penned the story, screenplay and dialogues) remains his most intimate project ever.

As the film opens, a chant of Sri Venkateswara Stothram in the background conveys that Nambi views the entire universe as a manifestation of Lord Narayana. The scene segues into some family-time banter, with Simran's Meena Narayanan (as Nambi's wife) stealing the show for a brief while. Nambi may be a celebrated scientist known for impeccable integrity and unbelievable genius, but at home, he is a doting father to two children. This family segment pays off remarkably well in a crucial episode in the second half.

Rocketry The Nambi Effect Movie Review

A major feature of 'Rocketry' is that it doesn't try to punch above its weight. Barring a few scenes, most of the film is shorn of lavish mounting. Even the VFX doesn't look ambitious.

The emotional value of the story comes to the fore once Nambi is disrespectfully dragged to an undisclosed location by the Kerala Intelligence Bureau. Thirty days later, the CBI takes over the espionage case. The projection of Nambi as an arrogant scientist could have come out even better had Madhavan's demeanour been in sync with the purported intent. 'What destroyed him was his patriotism for an ignorant nation', the line from the trailer, is milked in the climax in a greatly touching scene involving actor Suriya. Suriya's special appearance lends credibility.

The film tells the entire story through the eyes of Nambi and rightly so. Even as a creative choice, it is startling. That's why we don't see the Supreme Court literally pronouncing a verdict acquitting Nambi. We see Nambi receiving a phone call about the verdict and the human reactions in the family thereof.

Casting is something 'Rocketry' pulls off with perfection. There are no over-the-top conversations either. While the technicalities do distract us here and there, the brevity of the scenes is commendable.

Rocketry The Nambi Effect Movie Review

Sam CS' background music and the production design (by Ranjit and Prerna) are smart. Siddarth Dubey's sound design is of noteworthy quality, while Bijith Bala's editing is creative in the first act.

Madhavan brings his A-game as an actor. He is simply awesome in portraying Nambi's later days. His chemistry with Simran looks ultra-real. He exudes the warmth of a dear father in the presence of his children without speaking much. The rest of the cast are solid.


'Rocketry' is remarkable in a number of ways. Don't expect visual grandeur. Watch it for the neat writing, and terrific performances.

Rating: 3 / 5.0

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