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Rang De Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, March 26, 2021 • Telugu ]
Rang De Review
Sithara Entertainments
Nithiin, Keerthy Suresh, Naresh, Kausalya, Rohono, Vennela Kishore, Brahmaji
Venky Atluri
Suryadevara Naga Vamsi
Devi Sri Prasad

'Rang De' is the latest box-office release in Tollywood. Here is our review of the family entertainer featuring an ensemble cast.


Arjun (Nithin) hates Anu (Keerthy Suresh) because her intelligence and sweet nature are always pitted against his dumbness by his father (VK Naresh). There comes a point when he plays spoilsport in her life. This triggers Anu, who now seeks to teach him a lesson. The rest of the film is about what she does to make Arjun mend his ways and come of age within the universe of love.


Director Venky Atluri had described 'Rang De' more as a family entertainer. To be sure, though, the film is more in the realm of a love story where the man is not the ideal type, while the girl is sincere about her emotions. This makes for a solid premise. And the writing department weaves a refreshing story on it.

Nithin is back in his elements. He is as enjoyable as he was in 'Bheeshma', the super hit of 2020. As both a barely-qualified Engineer and a family man who has to live up to the task at hand, he is endearing. Keerthy Suresh delivers a befitting performance. She gets to be naughty, she sheds tears, and her character is full of nuance. VK Naresh proves to be the right choice, while Rohini, as a single mother, is a plus.

The film is pregnant with possibilities. The director taps into them and dishes out a range of comedy scenes. While he lets Suhaas and Abhinav Gomatam take a backseat, he brings in Vennela Kishore to weave strong comedy around a bedroom moment. Brahmaji is a scammer who is shown as the KA Paul of the consultancy industry. The party scene involving him and VK Naresh is rib-tickling. For many who think there is no short-cut to academic life in a foreign country, this film is educational, to put it in a lighter vein.

Nithin's character undergoes a transformation in the second half and the scenes building up to the emotional catharsis are well-written. Using Vineeth's character to drive home the central message works. The juxtaposition of a conversation between Anu and her mother, and that between Arjun and his father is one of the best-written stretches. This defines the film, besides resolving the conflict outside the framework of a song.

The film doesn't take itself seriously when it shouldn't. But when it should, it presents the right kind of emotional scenes. In the last 20 minutes, 'Rang De' makes for an emotionally colourful watch.

Devi Sri Prasad's songs are interspersed with the story organically. The wedding song is under-rated. 'Naa Kanulu Yepudo' and 'Emito Idhi' are laced with profound meaning. PC Sreeram's frames are soulful, so also Avinash Kolla's production design.


'Rang De' is an engaging family comedy with serious scenes reserved for the second half. Watch it for an enjoyable ride!

రంగ్ దే మూవీ రివ్యూ తెలుగులో చదవండి

Rating: 3 / 5.0

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