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Rama Rama Krishna Krishna Music Review

Rama Rama Krishna Krishna Music Review
Sri Venkateswara Creations
Ram, Arjun, Priya Anand, Bindu Madhavi, Gracy Singh, Brahmanandam, Nazar, Bhenarji, Shayaji Shinde, Brahmaji, Pragathi, Srinivas Reddy and others
Dil Raju
MM Keeravani
Youthful Chant
IndiaGlitz [Monday, May 10, 2010 • తెలుగు] Comments

`Rama Rama Krishna Krishna' directed by Srivas has the music direction by M M Keeravani. This movie is Keeravani's 200th film! The veteran has come a long way and has sustained quite a bit of competition to come to this milestone.

He has brought out a youthful album for this Ram's eagerly awaited movie which has all songs written by Ananth Sriram. Check the music review out.

Rama Rama Krishna Krishna   Listen here
Karthik, Ranjith, Sudha Jeevan

The title song obviously, starts off with a short Telugu rap but nothing the western style. After the fast mouthing, the song moves to the regular singing by Karthik, Ranjith and Sudha Jeevan. The lyrics by Ananth Sriram, seemingly talk about Ram's characteristics in the movie and not to forget the English lyrics as well. The instrument base is predominantly percussions and Keeravani has brought out a youthful number that has a varying tempo. A tinge of strings will also be found with a few electronic effects. A lot would depend on the visuals to cover up, a few dragging moments of the song.

Oola Ulala   Listen here
Tippu and Chaitra

From the outset, `Oola Ulala' is a fast and well paced song. With Tippu's voice giving adequate pep to this highly youthful song. Ram revealed a few details about the song having night as a background. Keeravani has brought out the best of his percussions out in this song. Well weaved in the song is a few lines of rap that come up here and there. A song totally for the young!

Lera Chanti    Listen here

A medium paced song with the effervescent voice of Karthik. Keeravani is a master in using the chorus to the right effect and this song is another example. `Lera Chanti' is another bubbly song in the album that might be sung in some festive occasion in the movie though when you hear the tunes you might be reminded of many songs. Sounds like fusion of the best of festive songs!

Count Down   Listen here
Deepu, Chaitanya, Noel

Continuing the youthful business in the album, Keeravani has composed a completely youthful song. He's made the song sound like a statement from the hero. The lyrics also suggest the same, they bring out the essence of today's youth. Talking about the music, it has a nice variation of tempo with some rap in between as well. Just a time pass, except for the beats, nothing specially will take your notice. Sounds like a song in the background.

Endukila   Listen here
MM. Keeravani, Karthik, Geetha Madhuri, Chaitra

Besides being the music director, looks like Keeravani had decided to sing the sad song by himself. This song starts off with a catchy humming and proceeds with a certain tempo till it drops down to the slow voice of Geetha Madhuri. With a variation with the music instruments used in the song, Karthik sings in a steady tempo and extends to a high pitch, again to drop down. A nice variation of tempo with English verses concluding the song.

Thu.Go.Jilla   Listen here
Daler Mehendi, Chaitra

The `Mass' song of the album! With the celebrated voice of Daler Mehendi, Keeravani has brought out a fast and peppy song yet again. In many cases earlier, Keeravani has brought out such fast songs. Daler Mehendi has done a decent job without bringing too much of his Punjabi accent but his Punjabi tone is evident. Even Keeravani, at a certain length of the song has made it sound like a `Bhangra' song. Ram would have found it a pleasure to dance to this fast song. `Thu.Go.Jilla' is primarily composed to cater to the mass audience. Listen to this song, to hear Daler Mehendi sing in Telugu!

The lyrics by Ananth suggest that the hero is confused about something or may be about two heroines!

`Rama Rama Krishna Krishna' as a music album is a totally youthful number. Keeping in mind Ram's dancing talent, Keeravani has infused western beats and a little bit of rap to complete the package. Above average fare, nothing really to crave for, except for a few.