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Puli Varudhu Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, December 29, 2007 • Tamil ]
Puli Varudhu Review
Ramesh, Mallika Kapoor, Karunaas, Manivannan, Saranya, Kuyili
G V Kumar
ELK Antony
Srikanth Deva

 View Puli Varudhu Gallery

View Puli Varudhu Gallery

It stars with a dream. The dream of the hero Ramesh shows a mishap in a marriage hall. The `Thirumangalyam' falls down in the fire. The marriage is stalled. Ramesh comes forward to marry the girl. A friend is sent to get a new `Thirumangalyam' but he dies in an accident. The second marriage too gets stalled. The bride is dejected and kills herself. The dream ends.

It is a dream that comes when Ramesh is traveling in a bus to attend a marriage. He ignores it as just a dream. But he is in for a shock when he goes to the marriage hall. The friend of the bride is the same girl, whom he saw in the dream as bride.

The marriage goes on without any hiccup. Our hero, meanwhile, keeps on seeing many dreams. In the dream he loves the girl, whom he saw dead in his first dream. He starts loving the girl in real life too. When the love develops and leads to marriage, he is afraid that the girl would die as seen in the dream.

Did they ever get married? How does the hero tackle the impact of the dreams?

`Puli Varudu' is an idiom derived from a folk tale (similar to that of `Crying wolf' in English). Debutant director G.V. Kumar has succeeded in narrating a wafer thin story based on the fear psychology in an entertaining manner. The proceedings are interesting and fast paced. The scene in the church is hilarious. The way the director gives `scientific' reasons to the dreams looks silly.

`Jithan' Ramesh has portrayed the fear over the dreams well. He as handled the dilemma between the love and the fear very naturally.

Mallika Kapoor impresses with her expressions of shy and frustration.

 View Puli Varudhu Gallery

View Puli Varudhu Gallery

Karunas and Manivannan have done their part flawlessly.

Srikanth Deva's songs are just about okay. The song `Ther Varuthu' is an enjoyable peppy song. Sridhar's choreography too has come out well.

Though the film has nothing special, it does manage to entertain with its fast pace and humour.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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