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Psycho Music Review

Psycho Music Review
4D Creations
Dhanush, Anitha, Padmaja Rao, TN Srinivasamurthy (Balu) RG Vijayasarathy
Raghu Dixit
Melody and meaning clubbed in 'Psycho'
Monday, July 28, 2008 • Kannada Comments

The current rage in the audio film market for the spectacular rendering and well written lyrics in the music composition of Raghu Dixit 'Psycho' is worth buying for many reasons. The compositions are too good, sung in low, middle and high pitch. 'Psycho' is a perfect mix of good film music. In the debut film music and singing Raghu Dixit has created a sensation.

The Kannada film 'Psycho' which is very unique because the main lead players of the film is kept in suspense till the morning show of the film has earned good hype.

The first song in the album of 'Psycho' Kannada film Yee Thanuvu Ninnadhu Ninnane Yee Manavu Ninnadhu a love song with lot of good words in it. The husky voice mixed with high pitch is pleasing the lover on the screen and expressing the height of love. Yee Jeeva Hodharu.Neene Nagu. is very well written. There is a mild humming for the background score gives good mood for the song. Raghu Dixit and director Devadatta made joint effort for this song lyric.

The second song is the most favorite song in nook and corner of Karnataka. Ninna Poojege Bandhe Madheshwara Enna Karunadhe Kaayo Madheshwara Ye shankara Premankura Omme Chandhadhi Nodo Madeshwara.sung in the western style is also another form of extending devotion to lord Madeshwara of Mala Mahadeshwara Hill. This song is a joint venture of Raghu Dixit and V.Manohar.

The third song Beladingalanthe Minu Minugutha Bealakai Bandhirulu Neenu.Anuragadalli Hole Holeyathu.reminds of the light music style that is very popular in Karnataka. Kanasallu Huchcanahte ninagai Oduve.. The humble admission of lovers is very melodious and rendition from Haricharan and Saindhavi would be liked by lovers who like silence. Jayanth Kaikini the No.1 lyricist today in Kannada cinema is simply great in this song.

Mussanje Rangalli Theli with a very good classical background - the female voice of Saidhavi is so sweet. This is soft and once again like the light music style. The veena instrument is very pleasant. The perfect hearing of lyrics is another addition boon for this song. This is the last song of veteran lyricist R.N.Jayagopal before his death.

Eno Idhe Yee Preethili Yeno Idhe..sung by Raghu Dixit is a love song in the sad style is having very good meaning. In meaning this is the top of all. Akasha Sullagidhe Bhoomi Mullagidhe. (sky is falls and earth has become a thorn) is the beauty of the lyricist. The pen of Jayanth Kaikini has put down the height of pain of a lover.

Another already hit song in radio channels Namma Naadu on the significance of Karnataka state. Raghu Dixit and Jayanth Kaikini have jointly written this song.

There is a very fine flute bit after the songs in this album.

The songs composed by Raghu Dixit have the assistance from Santosh, Narayan and Sandeep Vasishta. 'Psycho' is 4D creations maiden venture in Kannada. Skanda Audio has released the album to the market. The CD is priced at Rs.45