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Priyasakhi Music Review

Priyasakhi Music Review
Madhavan, Sada
KS. Adhiyaman
Mixing it with melody
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, June 28, 2005 • தமிழ்] Comments

Melody is Bharadwaj's forte. We have seen (heard) that before. And we get a confirmation for that in Priyasakhi.

He has aptly come up with a bunch of soft and melodious numbers for a film that is supposedly a romantic entertainer.

Bharadwaj has rightly gone for the likes of Hariharan, Srinivas and Unni Krishnan to suit the mood of the film. The pick of the album is the song rendered by Unni Krishnan in the company of Karthik and Reshmi in a fusion of classical and contemporary music.

K S Adhiyaman directs Priyasakhi featuring Madhavan and Sada.

1) Kangalinaal  (Harish Ragavendra, Janani Bharadwaj)

This is a soft and a melodious number with a westernized touch. Janani Bharadwaj, daughter of Bharadwaj, has rendered the number with grace.

The romantic song has guitar dominating in background. It is easy on the ears and pleasant to the heart. Harish Raghavendra doesn't go overboard (there is a tendency in him). He stays in the narrow and straight path.

2) Priyasakhi (Srinivas, Anuradha Sriram)

With the film's title in it, this song had better be good. And it is by a long way. In fact, it has the potential to become the attraction of the season. The background score just wafts like a silken gossamer on the wings of imagination.

In the mould of Vassegara in Minnale, this number has Srinivas scoring almost a perfect 10. Out of action for some time, Srinivas has however not lost his poise or purpose.

Anuradha Srinivas, recently lost to high-spirited songs, shows what we are losing out from her in the bargain with a splendid rendition. Her voice and its essential control adds grace to the number. A heart-warming winner all the way.

3) Mudhal Mudhal (Uma Mageswaran)

It is a soft romantic number quite typical to Bharadwaj's earlier works. No big and loud instruments accompany this song. Just a tabla gives company to the singers.

And it seems appropriate. Seemingly inspired by a Carnatic raga, the song, thanks to the fresh voice of  debutant Uma Mageswaran is soothing and pleasurable.

4) Chinna Maharani (Hariharan) The song is a perfect take off from a popular Bollywood number. A familiar tune which begins on a slow note and goes on to pick momentum in the middle. Hariharan as usual does his job well providing life to the number.

5) Anbu Alaipayudhae  (Unni Krishnan, Karthik, Reshmi)

Bharadwaj is known for coming up with amazing fusion of Carnatic and Hindustani music in his albums. Anbu Alaipayudhae is one such number where Unni Krishnan, Karthik and Reshmi come together for a jolly-good fusion.

The song carries  a rare blend and it gets accentuated in the classical voices of Unni and Karthik. Full marks to Bharadwaj for using the sweet alapanas at appropriate places.

On the whole, Bharadwaj has made it clear that melody is his strength.