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Premikulu Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, August 6, 2005 • Telugu ]
Premikulu Review
Kamna Jetmalani, Yuvaraj and Rishi Girish

Our filmmakers are perhaps highly amnesic. They keep harping back to same old themes. Take the case of amnesia itself.It has become almost a cliche as every third filmmaker seems to have used it.

As if she has no memory of amnesia, director Jaya has taken this theme for Premikulu. In the event, you come out of the film with not much happy memories.

The story of the film is simple and hackneyed and can be fitted into the back of an ordinary postal stamp.Chandu (Yuvaraj) and Vennela (Kamna Jetmalani) are college students who fall in love with each other. They vehemently oppose their love. Ergo, the duo decides to take the extreme step. But in the process (they try to jump from a building and fall into a sandy heap) end up amnesic. So, the climax is about the couple uniting after weathering many storms.

In fact, it is a story that can induce amnesia in many. So it is a surprise why Jaya, who showed good promise in Chantigudu, chose such a subject. Anyway, she has compensated with some impressive handling of the middle portions.

Jaya finds an able ally in Kamna Jethmalani, the new heroine. She is full of beans and appears composed in front of the camera. Her performance is full of assurance of a veteran. Yuvaraj, in contrast, appears gawky. But he too shows promise.The others in the cast just amble through their role. The college comedy scenes are tacky and irk some.

Sajjan's music is a major asset as his melodies fit the occasion right. Vijaya Sri's camera work is also easy on the eye.

A good film --- if you are amnesic, that is.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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