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Premalekha Raasa Music Review

Premalekha Raasa Music Review
Mallidi Venu, Anjali
Mallidi Satyanaryana Reddy
Sriram Kaushik
Melodious and enjoyable
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, August 22, 2006 • తెలుగు] Comments

Kulasekhar's debut directorial venture Premalekha Raasa is being talked of highly. Venkat, son of Mallidi Satyanarayana and Anjali play the main leads. Mallidi Satyanarayana is producing the movie under Anandam Academy banner. R P Patnaik's ex-assistant Sri Ram Kaushi is composing the music.

1. Enkatesa Enkatesha...

Lyric has a mass beat and at the same time it has good meaning in it. Kulasekhar as usual mixed English words in the song. But they are casual and had enhanced the beat in the tune.  Jessigift, who had the excellent voice to attract the youth, rendered the song and it is foot-tapping. The song reflected the taste of the present day youth on girls whom they like as life partners.

2. O Cheli... O Cheli...

This is a melodious number but the music interludes are quite modern. Popular music director RP Patnaik rendered the song along with Sravani. One can get a relaxed mood while listening to the song.

3. Rama Rama Rama Rama..

This is also a mass beat. Rendered by Soundaryalahari, Pravani, Balaji and chorus, the song has folk touch. Despite the folk song, Kulasekhar ably added an English verse in this song as well. The song begins with a child's voice and it reveals how a girl's mind will be and what sorts of troubles one had to face to win that girl's heart. There are quotes from Mahabharata and Ramayana where the heroes had to struggle to win their wives.

4. Mava Rathirikosthaavaa...

Rendered by Swapna, Pranavi and chorus, the film is a group number. The song also has a mass touch. However, the song was tuned in the style of an old classic number, as we get a feel as if we had a listened a similar number earlier. Though the tune has the scent of an old folk number, the interludes like 'Come Commander Come' and 'Chik chik' and the way the lyric penned by Kulasekhar gives you a novel feel.

5. O Prema Cheppave Nuvvainaa.

This is a melodious number. It has the heroine's call to the love to reveal to her boyfriend that there really lies love in her silence and it has become a curse for her. Chitra, who has a mellifluous voice, had rendered this number and the selection of the singer for this number is excellent. Had others attempted, it would not have been so sweet, though it has to be shot in a sad mood.

6. Mallepoolu Gollumantavi...

This song is a husky number. The song was tuned in a trendy way with rural and folk touch, with the use of 'dappu' (a locally made drum with dried up leather) freely and the song would make the front benchers to dance while others will definitely tap their feet during the entire song.