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Prema Chadarangam Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, December 25, 2004 • తెలుగు ]
Prema Chadarangam Review
Vishal, Reema Sen, Bharat, Vivek, Girish Karnad, Bhanu Priya, Mumtaj
A R Gandhi Krishna
GK Reddy
Harris Jayaraj

This is a movie that has proved to be a major success in Tamil as Chellame. And when you see it Telugu, though the some of the nativity is lost, the movie comes across as a gritty entertainer still.

And that is because the director Gandhi Krishna, who has handled the script, knows what he is up to. He sticks to a narrow, linear path. He also understands the needs of commercial cinema, and shows that a serious and sensible story can be told within the matrix of mainstream mass movie.

The story, comes to think of it is simple. It is about an obsessive youth and the extent he goes to pursue his object of desire. It is a theme that has been dealt with in many movies. Most memorably in Guna and Tamil Kadhal Kondhein (Nenu in Telugu).

Viswa (Bharat) is very close to his neighbor Mythili (Reema Sen). Though she is elder to him, they are good friends. Though Viswa is not exactly in love with her and nor is he sexaully attracted to her, he wants her by his side always. And this fatal desire becomes the root cause of all trouble.

Mythili falls in love with Raghu (Vishal) and marries him and goes to Goa, Viswa is crestfallen. He goes to Goa and then goes to the extent of kidnapping her. Then it is left to Raghu to trace her.

The artistes' performances are top rate. Bharath as the fragile and impressionable Bharath is decidedly outstanding. His innocent eyes radiate a raw passion. Reema Sen is another revelation in the film. After exposing some thing else, she finally gets to expose her acting skills. Vishal as her husband acts with restraint and understanding.

Vivek's comedy is also a plus point. The music by Harris Jeyaraj is enjoyable while K V Anand's camera work adds an extra dimension to the film.

A must see ---- especially for those Telugu directors who churn out stupid stuff all in the name of mass cinema.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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