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Prem Kumar Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, August 18, 2023 • தமிழ் ]
Prem Kumar Review
Santosh Sobhan, Rashi Singh, Krishna Chaitanya, Ruchitha Sadineni, Krishna Teja, Prabhavathi, Sudharshan, Harsha Chemudu
Abhishek Maharshi
Shiva Prasad Panneeru
Anant Srikar

Prem Kumar Movie Review

Santosh Soban is doing back-to-back films and next in line is Prem Kumar. The film is directed by Abhishek Maharshi and has been released today. Let's see how it is.


Prem Kumar(Santosh Sobhan) endeavors to enter the bonds of matrimony, yet his attempts often end in disappointment. The woman he desired to wed, however, falls for a hero named Roshan and elopes with him. Subsequently, Prem Kumar transforms into a professional breakup artist, specializing in sabotaging weddings. Fate takes a turn when the very woman he yearned for, Netra (Roshini Singh), reenters his life. She implores Prem to halt the wedding since her own fiancé is unfaithful and poised for a remarriage. In response, Prem Kumar concocts a scheme to thwart the impending wedding and reclaim Netra's affection. How will he do all this is the story of the film.

Prem Kumar Movie Review


Prem Kumar is about a man who is unlucky in marriage. Director Abhishek Maharshi narrates this tale and sets up characters on a decent note. The issues the hero faces due to his bad luck are shown well in the film. The plot is a bit twisted and is unleashed in a simple way. But once the main characters are unleashed, things get a bit boring as routine comedy scenes featuring some seasoned comedian bore the audience. The first half is a tad dull and things make sense only in the second half. What keeps going in the first half is the performance of Santosh Soban.

Prem Kumar Movie Review

The young actor stands out as the film's saving grace, infusing his performance with earnest efforts to elevate its quality. His endeavors to impress shine through, considerably enhancing the overall presentation. Without his commendable performance, the film's quality would have notably suffered. Heroine Roshini Singh delivers a satisfactory performance, albeit struggling to fully convey the emotional nuances required for her role. Sudarshan's portrayal of Daddy contributes intermittent humor, injecting moments of laughter throughout.

Krishna Teja, the hero's friend, delivers a commendable performance that adds depth to her character. On the other hand, the actor who assumes the role of Rising Star Roshan is in dire need of acting lessons, evident in his subpar performance. The film boasts decent music, particularly the songs featured in its latter half. The cinematography effectively captures the visuals, highlighting the film's decent presentation. The storytelling holds potential, given the scope for engaging comedy and romance, but fails to fully capitalize on these elements.

Prem Kumar Movie Review

The latter portion of the film would benefit from judicious editing, as it tends to linger. The production design demonstrates quality, complemented by well-crafted dialogues that enhance the narrative. While the plot has the potential for successful comedy and romance, it falls short of fully realizing this potential. The second half could benefit from tighter editing to maintain pacing. But the director saves his best for the last when the love story is given more importance. The fun climax is also handled well and leaves the audience with a sigh of relief.


Overall, Prem Kumar has a very fun premise and Santosh Soban handles his part beautifully. If the first half of the film would have been handled well when it comes to emotions and clarity, things would have been better. But all the plots are rectified in the second half as the film's story, narration, and comedy makes sense by the end.

Rating: 2.5 / 5.0

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