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Pravarakyudu Music Review

Pravarakyudu Music Review
Tolly 2 Holly Films
Jagapathi Babu, Priyamani and others
Ganesh Kandukuri, Sudhakar Chaganti
MM Keeravani
A mixture of good and mediocre music
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, November 17, 2009 • తెలుగు] Comments

Pravarakhyudu's audio is a mixture of good and mediocre music.  If some songs are hummable, there are also others that cannot even be deduced.  If there is Gaalamesi that sounds refreshing, there is also Emaipoyano that sounds hackneyed.  It's a new attempt by MM Keeravani, though.  All the songs are written by Chaitanya Prasad.  Male singers are Ranjith, Anuj Gurwara, Hemachandra and Keeravani.  Female voices include Sunitha, Bhargavi PIllai, Shravani and Geetha Madhuri.
Gaalamesi Pattina Chepa    Listen here

The best song in the album, Gaalamesi... is rendered by Ranjith and Bhargavi Pillai.  The longing of the lover is tunefully captured in really facetious lyrics (by Chaitanya Prasad).  The song rests on Ranjith's appealing voice.
Neela Neelimabbu    Listen here

Sunitha ministers the song with her melliflousness.  If you can enjoy the melange of the classical with drum sticks, this one is strictly recommended.  The idea of introducing rock music at the end is good.  It makes a mark as Chaitanya' s hummable lines entertain.
Emaipoyano    Listen here

Rendered by Shravani and Anuj Gurwara, Emaipoyano.. emaipothunnano... makes use of drums, as Anuj joins in the back up vocal with his English lines.  Shravani's voice is crystal clear.
Cool-Be-Cool    Listen here

It is difficult to understand the lyrics.  More unfathomable is the fact that it is a Keevani song.  Kol b kol... kol b kol.  As Geetha Madhuri's longing smacks of lust, Keeravani plays havoc with modern instruments.  Had the lyrics been little understandable, it would have been better.  You will feel MM is making an attempt to do something unthinkable.
Bangaram    Listen here

Another lusty number, you have bangaram pampered to give whatever he can so it suffices for her to survive on.  All sound and no content, it is a dud.  Peppered with some English words (again), this sounds more like coming from an amateurish musician drawing on a thousand tunes.  Tastes more like a remix. As Geetha Madhuri hums 'bagunde muddhu,' she is joined by MM with mediocre rendition.