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Pravarakyudu Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, December 4, 2009 • Telugu ]
Pravarakyudu Review
Tolly 2 Holly Films
Jagapathi Babu, Priyamani and others
Ganesh Kandukuri, Sudhakar Chaganti
MM Keeravani

Pravarakhyudu is one of the most awaited releases of December.  Starring Jagapathi Babu and Priyamani, the film has been awaited by both the youth and the family audience, because it seemed to be a good motley of a universal theme and a protagonist (mythological Prvarakhya revisited) played by an actor who commands good popularity among middle-aged women.  As was expected, Madan comes up with a story that derives its strength from its characters.  Needed to such a story/film are interesting screenplay and dialogue, and on these parameters Pravarakhyudu is just about adequate.  There are suitable doses of intellectualism, with Jagapathi presenting his own practical philosophy on things as deep as romance and love.

Sashi Kumar (Jagapathi) is brutally practical in his thinking.  He is a first-rate Entomologist at Harvard University, who is never carried away by meaningless coincidences of life.  So, if his female co-passenger in the plane en route India thinks that they should both marry, because not one but three tastes of theirs are similar, he bombards her irrationality in two seconds.  For him the masterpiece Power Of Now could be trash!  Warm Capuccino, he likes it for a different reason.

In the film, Jagapathi plays an interestingly mature character.  Each line of his in the first half seems a sermon.  He goes on a hunt for the right girl with his family and college buddy Ravi (Sunil), and on the expedition, you have him spout really sensible lines.  Ravi should not feel embarrassed before his wife, because Sashi tells him that a wife is like a friend.  When a stunningly money-minded girl declares the terms of understanding on financial matters to be adhered to by them post marriage, he sarcastically says that he is not for a joint venture kinda marriage.  The Pravarakhyudu at last is magnetised to a village belle in the farm, the cause of which is decoded by his buddy, who reminds him of the belle's facial resemblance to one Sailaja.

Enter Priyamani (playing Sailaja) as the film goes back a decade's time, a traditional girl who thinks that the reason she is flooded with love letters every day is because she is a champion in possibly all extra-curricular activities than an average Indian student can conceive of (elocution et al).  Sashi, the Supra-practical Rascal, enlightens her that it is not because she is cerebral or intelligent, but because she is, well, sexy that everybody is infatuated to her.  Madan's sensual touch comes on again, off again. 

Sashi, like every intelligent pragmatist, does not believe in the idea of love.  Suspending it as myth, he explains to Sailaja who confesses her love to him on a sad day, that living together as married couple is different from falling in love.  The bugle has been sounded for an excruciating (only for senti Sailu) break up between Sailaja, to whom Love is a reality, and Sashi. 

The film takes a 10-year leap.  Sashi is a renowned specialist in zoology, who has done the unimaginable: write a bevy of research books on species, insects and organisms Sailaja, the self-important Principal of a city college, cannot understand.  A learned entomologist he could be, but he still loves to work in the Vardhaman women's college.  See for yourself what this Nature-obsessed, matter-of-fact lecturer is up to in the college.

Performance-wise, Jagapathi and Priyamani do justification.  Most of the footage is consumed by the twosome and they make good pair on the screen.  Brahmanandam as a Yes-man to Priyamani is good.  Sunil, Dharmavarapu and others have not much to display.

Dialogue need special mention; absolutely refreshing and modern, they add to film's worth.  MM Keeravani's music sounds current.  Though the script is exciting all through the first half, the film gets cliched and formulaic in the second half.

The story of how a man and a woman re-unite after a decade's time is well told.  Mature at some places, it is equally sensual too.  If there are scenes where the hero is seen telling a jilted lover to first love himself for the world to love him, there are also so that play it to the gallery.  All in all, it is enjoyable.

Released on: 4th December, 2009

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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