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Pournami Music Review

Pournami Music Review
Prabhas, Trisha, Charmi
Songs that can wow you
IndiaGlitz [Saturday, March 25, 2006 • తెలుగు] Comments

M.S Raju is known for giving successive hits and all his movies have good music too. Expectations from Prabhudeva after NVNV's success has also gone up and Devi Sri Prasad has provided both of them a bountiful of beautiful songs in this album. There is Melody, beautiful lyrics (Such a rarity these days) and traditional music used in abundance and most of the songs are situational. Devi Sri Prasad gets his act right in this one and every song has been composed with care, with right singers and right mix. The expectations from the movie will sky rocket after listening to the quality of these songs.

Bhavyamaina - Theme Music  5* Singers: Srinivas Lyrics: Sirivennala

This is a good classical dance composition with an elaborate and excellent usage of Mridangam and Veena in the interludes. Sirivennala pens out the following beautiful phrases "Bhavyamaina aatma bhaavam, Ramyamaina jeeva raagam, Navyamaina nitya taalam, Nikhila jagati moolam", which forms the only lyrics in the song apart from the thalam provided for traditional dance. Srinivas renders this song beautifully and the aalapana sung in the interludes gives you goose pimples. It's such a rarity these days to hear songs that are so close to our traditional art form and Devi Sri Prasad deserves all credit for composing this one. A wonderful opening which sets the tone for what's to come in the album.

Muvvala Navvakala 4* Singers: Chitra, SPB Lyrics: Sirivennala

This song starts off with a soulful aalapana and SPB picks up from there singing "Muvvala Navvakala, Muddha Mandaramaa..". There will be little doubt in the quality of the lyrics or rendition when SPB, Chitra and Sirivennala come together, and this melody is of superb quality. The theme of the song is romance/love and Devi Sri provides the right feel to the song by good usage of instruments and chorus, especially the usage of drums during the start of each charanam and the chorus when the pallavi is sung is excellent. Another superb song in the album, which may remind you a bit about "Cheppave Chirugaali" from "Okkadu"

Koyo Koyo 4* Singers: Shaan Lyrics: Sirivennala

It's a bit hard to believe Sirivennala wrote such lyrics, which has a good mix of English, Hindi and of course Telugu words. However, the central theme of the song is to face all obstacles and move ahead in life by enjoying every minute, and Sirivennala captures these in simple and light hearted words. There is good usage of trumpets, saxophone, whistles, guitar and bongo which gives the song a party, Goan folk feel. The phrase "Oori devudo elaagani, oorukoku le usooru ani.." sticks to your head big time, for the way it's composed, its fast paced nature and its beautiful rendition by Shaan. Devi Sri, as the lyrics in the song says, chose to be different, put in his everything and came out with a very enjoyable number, hats off.

Yevaro Choodali 4* Singers: Chitra Lyrics: Sirivennala

This is a beautiful solo melody with a bit of pathos that is sung very well by Chitra, the way only she can. The lyrics again are superb and in true Sirivennala style, it captures the gist of the emotions felt by the character in beautiful words. The interludes are composed very well and there is good usage of flute and Violin that suits the mood of the song. Another superb song in the album.

Pallakivayi 3* Singers: Gopikapurnima Lyrics: Sirivennala

This is a sensuous song that is sung very well by Gopikapurnima. There is good usage of Violin, Gajjelu and bells in the interludes. The charanam is composed much better and is faster paced than the pallavi.

Rock and Roll 3*