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Political Rowdy Music Review

Political Rowdy Music Review
Mohan Babu, Charmi
Mohan Babu M
Sandeep Chowta
A real winner
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, September 20, 2005 • తెలుగు] Comments

Sandeep Chowtha comes to Tollywood with heavy reputation. But his Super, a few months ago, blotted his copy book a bit. So he had to salvage his good name. Luckily, Mohanbabu seems to have given him and his imagination a free run.

In the event, it is a good treat for the listeners as Sandeep has come up with songs that can be really classified as melodious and brilliant. The two words that one should be careful while using in everyday films. But Sandeep's numbers deserve them.

1.Are Pachi Pachiga

The album is worth for just this Hariharan number. It is a stunning number where Hari comes up with all his vocal brilliance. A different kind of number, whose core cannot be touched by mere words, is just the kind of start needed for this album. Just listen to Hari improvise on the swara patterns in the middle. The chorus and the background add the right luster. Mesmerizing! Truly.

2 L K G Dresses

The lyrics will tell you what kind of song this is. It is a loose take off on the Manmadha Raja song. The original is spoofed in the film hence the similarity. Mano and Sonu Takkar belt out this zinger with all the energy they can find. The orchestration is also imaginative.

3 Vadura Sodara

 Mano sings heavy big time. It is almost like the oracular songs of NTR. Perhaps Mohan Babu is paying a deft compliment to his mentor. The songs then goes on to take a Goanese flavor. All in all, it is enjoyable.

4 Telugu Style

Sandeep Chowtha takes the avatar of a singer here. But these kind of songs with heavy beats and a lot a rapping need little singing. So he passes muster. The rap bit indeed is good. The orchestration, with Mid Eastern rhythms, are charming. The young set will surely groove and jive. Sandeep has served a Real McCoy.

5 Kalu Terichi Choosha

Sandeep Chowtha, we all know, is a specialist in modern disco songs. But here comes up with what we have been missing from him for long --- a simple melody of honeyed sweetness.The romance and melancholy is conveyed in the tune itself. Sonu Nigam and Nikitha Nigam add extra freshness to this. Play it again, Sandeep!

Thumbs up for Sandeep.