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Podaa Podi Music Review

Podaa Podi Music Review
Gemini Film Circuit
Silambarasan, Varalaxmi
Vignesh Shivaa
Mano Akkineni
Rises above expectations
Thursday, October 25, 2012 • Tamil Comments

Podaa Podi is up with the task of taking on some big names ahead of Diwali, including the big gunner Thuppakki, the already successful Kumki and carries the weight of Simbu's successful music run on it's shoulders. Staying on the track in itself might prove to be a challenge for Dharan, but our man has stepped up his game to race against all odds. A closer look at the tracks will give us a better idea.

1. Love Panlaama Venaama - Simbu

Lyrics: Simbu, Vignesh Shivaa

It created waves across the Internet ahead of launch and is quite popular already. Love Panlaama Venaama gives a good opening for Podaa Podi. The hip- hop style, which is delivered with a slower-than-usual beat, helps bring clarity to the lyrics. The techno pieces and special effects add trademark touches to the track. While the music slightly reminiscent of some western music, Simbu's lyrics add a good deal of uniqueness to the song.

2. Podaa Podi - Benny Dayal, Andrea

Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar

Guitars and romance, a combo that's worked wonders in the past comes into play with Dharan's music in Podaa Podi. Urban beats, piano pieces and uniform percussions spread across the track make everything sound upbeat. Benny's selection works well and along with Andrea, he gives an exuberant, yet cool rendition to the song overall. Na Muthukumar who is known to come up with poetry in his lines has appealed to the youth well.

3. Hare Rama Hare Krishna - Dharan Kumar

Lyrics: Vignesh Shivaa

Dharan puts on his singer shoes for this track, which turns out to be the most different one to feature in the album. Kind of simple throughout, except for the interludes that are filled with instrumentals, Dharan is all over this one and his kind of electronic voice is a nice addition to the existing bonuses. The casual lyrics stay in sync with the percussion all through the song and the female chorus sound great when listened to several times. Mood-lifter, to put it simply.

4. Mattikittene - Naresh Iyer, Suchitra, Benny Dayal

Lyrics: Vignesh Shivaa

Mattikittene surprisingly is a techno number that very much goes down the club corridor. It has very upbeat percussions to accompany the energetic Naresh Iyer and Suchitra who take the lead. The charanams sway a bit from the lines with unconventional lines and more prominent piano pieces. Benny Dayal gives good backup to the lead during the chorus. Vignesh Shivaa's lyrics are too casual for one's liking. While one cannot expect poetry in such songs, some subtlety could have helped the song.

5. Un Paarvayile - Sindhu, Monisha, Pradeep

Lyrics: Vignesh Shivaa

Another tracked pumped up with energy; Un Paarvayile is another unique composition by Dharan Kumar. An attempt to bring in Rock and Roll into his music, the lines have a bit too much club music involved and becomes a bit unnerving at points. Pretty short at just above 2 minutes, the singers just overlap each other without making any major impression.

6. Appan Mavane Vaada - Simbu

Lyrics: Vaali

It takes someone of Vaali's standard to come up with something as outrageous as Appan Mavane Vaada. It's glad to see the song fall into piece, accompanied by much welcome South Indian percussion and several appealing flute pieces. Not exactly a folky number, Appan Mavane bridges the gap between two or three genres and Dharan needs to be appreciated for his effort. Simbu, for a change, adds a lot more soul to the song than in recent years.

7. Theme of Podaa Podi - Instrumental

It's weird to such a track as the theme for a film like Podaa Podi. The composer looks to express different sets of emotions in his music. The percussion, strings, flutes and the flowing violin speaks different languages all together at some points of time. They suddenly make way for the piano and they shift gears between one another to make way for each other. The overall speed of the song is not very easy to judge either. Lots of good work, but may not be remembered.

8. I am a Kuthu Dancer - Shankar Mahadevan, Simbhu

Now, we finally have a proper kuthu song to speak of in Podaa Podi. It eases through listeners and makes them curious as soon as it starts off and progresses with the flow from then on. Interesting lyrics stand out from usual folk numbers and some well-used guitars and change of music in between surprise you and keeps you glued to the lines on first listen. The lyrics feature some of Simbu's number from the past and the songs get complete even before you notice. But, you've just been woken up by Dharan's music.

Simbu, more recently called STR has had the privilege of having great scores of music is his film for quite some time. His history continues with Podaa Podi as music director Dharan Kumar has no intention of letting the run come to an end. Filled with interesting tracks, they are sure to make you wonder on first listen. The album has a lot to give the audience and might work wonders on screen if used well.

Verdict - it clicks quite well and makes an impression.

Rating - 3.5 - for Dharan Kumar's promising music that deviates from the regular and boring doze of repetition